PCI Guide

 Told your PCI Inspection is coming up?

Don’t know what to look for?

Want to make sure you check everything?


Here is an inexpensive E-booklet that helps you carry out a detailed  PCI Inspection


  • 100’s of items to make sure you don’t miss problems!
  • Can be read on a tablet computer.
  • In pdf format for quick and easy printing at A4 size.

Just the thing for your clipboard during the inspection.


What people are saying:

  • “A very thorough PCI inspection checklist for 4 bucks that I’d highly recommend you buy. I used to do inspections at end of builds when I worked as an architect and was going to write my own but bought this to save myself the trouble”.Bluesuede on the homeone forum
  • “It will assist you in having an enjoyable inspection, for both inside and out of your soon to be new home.”- meganandstepfan.com
  • ‘The awesome PCI Checklist prepared by HomeOne contributor Bashworth” –  bendigowaldorf.blogspot.com.au
  • “get the $4 PCI checklist… its well worth it, with lots of useful things to do to thoroughly check the quality of work done.”- BOsun on the Homeone forum
  • “You can purchase the handbook including check lists for only $4, it’s well worth it!” – Kdgirl on the Homeone forum




At a very reasonable cost of $4……Less than a beer at the pub or a large latte at the cafe.


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