Buying a Block

buying block-coverDid you know problems with a block can add $20,000, $40,000, or even more, to your build cost!


Are you worried that the agent isn’t telling you everything?


Do you need to know what questions to ask?


Is independent advice important to you?


Be better informed, with this E book, for only $4.


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What’s in ‘The Guide to Buying a Block’

  • All the information from this blog and much much more advice about buying land.
  • Finding the Best Orientation
  • Understanding how much of the Block you can build on.
  • information about typical Title Issues
  • What to ask the Agent
  • Explanation about Developer Rules and Covenants
  • Lots of Checklists
  • Latest updates to posts
  • In pdf format for reading on a tablet or quick and easy printing at A4 size.
  • And all completely independent!

All for only $4 !



If your search has brought you straight to this page have a look at some of the following posts on this website:

When you have looked around the website you will know the value of the advice . . . but you will find much more information . . . . and checklists, in the Book!


All at a very reasonable cost of $4.….Less than a beer at the pub or a large latte at the cafe.


The book can be bought through the security of Paypal.  You DO NOT need a Paypal account to buy.

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