Buying a Block

buying block-coverWorried that the agent isn’t telling you everything you need to know?

Here is an E-book to make you better informed about Buying a House Block.

All the information from this blog and much much more independent advice about buying land.

  • Finding the Best Orientation
  • Understand how much of the Block you can build on.
  • Know about Title Issues
  • What to ask the Agent
  • Explains about Developer Rules and Covenants
  • Lots of Checklists
  • Latest updates to posts
  • In pdf format for reading on a tablet or quick and easy printing at A4 size.

Problems with a block can add $10,000, $20,000, or more, to the build cost.

For only $4 you can be better informed!



If your search has brought you straight to this page have a look at some of the following posts on this website:

When you have looked around the website you will know the value of the advice . . . but you will find much more information . . . . and checklists, in the Book!


All at a very reasonable cost of $4.….Less than a beer at the pub or a large latte at the cafe.


The book can be bought through the security of Paypal.  You DO NOT need a Paypal account to buy.

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