Renovation and Home Design

Upstairs Windows



Have you got visions of being able to look out of your upstairs windows like this lady.

Not anymore if you are building a new house. New laws to protect children falling out of windows have come into force.

Since 1 May 2013, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires “protection for openable windows [read more…]

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Why You Should Consider Sustainability

sustainable house

There is a lot of rubbish talked by big builders about sustainability costing you more!

In my opinion considering sustainable design for your new home will save you money as well as the environment. Here are three reasons why:


A key sustainability principle is to minimise the use of resources. Getting [read more…]

Laundry Door Fail

laundry door fail

I don’t know if builders are still providing patio doors in the laundry. It was fairly common in 2005 when we last bought a new house.

I really don’t understand the concept!

What’s the point of a full length window looking at the side of the laundry tub Because of the window the trough [read more…]

Display House Window Fail


Two of the things that the human eye likes are:

Symmetry. Regular repeated patterns.

For example:

If you split something down the middle the left side is a mirror image of the right. If you are going to have several windows keep them the same.

It’s a pity no one explained the above to [read more…]

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Changing Builders Standard Plans

Most builders will change their standard designs to some extent. The builder of our current house, Metricon, was fairly flexible. Here are some of the changes that you could talk with the builder about if their standard is close to what you want.

Handing. This means swapping the design around so rooms on the [read more…]

Privacy Fail

46 Privacy Fail - Johnson House

How would you feel about living in this house?

Boiling hot when the summer sun comes in! Enormous heating bills in the winter due to the low heat insulation provided by the glass. As for privacy well that’s absolutely zero. At least the bathroom is in that circular brick structure so you can go [read more…]

Window Size

Window Sizes

The Building Code of Australia requires you to have at least 10% of the floor area as windows with at least 5% of the floor area being able to be opened.

If you go in many show houses you will see windows that are 40 – 50% of the floor area. They do this [read more…]

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West, or East, Facing Windows


Well the first rule is to avoid West, or East, facing windows or at least keep them as small as possible….and here is why:


West windows get direct sunlight from mid-afternoon to late in the evening in summer causing overheating.

East facing windows get sun from sunrise to midday. This [read more…]