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Timeless Design

Susan Lawrence Dana House

How old do you think this house is?

What do you think 2 years, 5 years, or even 10 years old.

It looks fairly modern with the ground floor brick and the upper floor a contrasting material. those wide eves look impressive and give good solar shade

Well this is known as the Susan [read more…]

Tin Shed

tin shed1

How about this new house?


Can’t see it? . . . . . Well here is another view.

Yes it really is covered in very 2nd hand tin!


The house was designed by the architects Raffaello Rosselli



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Lost Aztec Temple Discovered

lost aztec temple

Recently discovered in darkest Melbourne…..a long lost Aztec Temple

The truth is a little less exciting. Actually its an apartment block, just off Punt Road.

It got me wondering whether they have summer barbecues, or human sacrifices!


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by [read more…]

Facade Fail 2

plain facade

Think some of the builders facades are a bit plain?…..How about this?

This is another of those crazy Japanese houses.

For more photos of this and to find out more visit Blank White Box on the web site.

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Perforated House

Perforated House 2

Have you seen anything like this before?

It called the perforated house and its located in a suburban street in Melbourne.

The idea is the pattern on the facade is based on the other houses on the street.

Its a perforated house because the pattern isn’t done using paint. It’s achieved by drilling thousands [read more…]

Architectural Bridge – Fail

Bridge Fail

It’s not a new house but it is architecture and my wife or I use it every day.

It’s the footbridge at Footscray Railway Station.

Looks fairly impressive and very modern with its round shape………….So why is it a Fail?

Well you would think that one of the main purposes of this bridge would [read more…]

Battleship House


A house that looks like a battle ship!

Is it someone who is absolutely paranoid about burglars?

I have seen it described as a zombie proof house.

Basically the entire front of the house is covered in steel plate including the front door and the window.

The only light that gets in the front [read more…]