$6 Million Home Theatre

Yes you saw it right! $6 million dollar theatre

This price of the home theatre is $6,000,000! The rest of the house is extra!

The sound system includes 72 speakers each powered by its own $8,000 analogue amplifier paired with a $18,000 digital amplifier.

To deliver the 150,000watts of amplification means the room requires its own power supply from the mains including a separate transformer.

To find out more see the TV Antenna Blog.


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Light ‘Colour’

When you are buying a light bulb you may have noticed the box says things like “Warm White” or “Daylight White” but what does it mean? . . . . . . and which should you buy?

Colour Temperature

Light colour  is measured using the ‘Colour Temperature’ and is quoted in Kelvins (K).

A higher Kelvin temperature means the colour is cool. while lower K temperatures are warmer colours. (No wonder it can be confusing!)

For domestic lighting you should be looking for lights in the range from 2700K to 5000K.

Light Colour Options

Within the range 2700K to 5000K there are three options of colour temperature to choose from:

Colour temperature

  • Warm White – 2700K to 3500K  Has a slight yellowish tint which gives a relaxing and calming light. Good for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.
  • Natural White – 3500K to 4500K Closest to sunlight, which makes it good compromise for any location, but particularly; walk in robes, pantries, garages and other areas that don’t have a lot of natural light.
  • Daylight White Light – 5000K to 6000K A slight blueish tint provides a crisp and bright white light that helps you feel more alert. Good for the home office or workshop.

En Suite / Bathroom Light

I know there are a lot of ladies out there who want to be sure their appearance is just right. To help with this the light on the make up mirror should be appropriate for the lighting you will encounter over your day.

If you mainly work in an office or brightly lit factory Daylight White may be the best choice. . . . Otherwise Natural White is a good option.


If you are worried about Brightness see Lighting Levels

For more posts see Electrical or Light Fittings



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Builder’s Christmas Shutdown

Christmas shutdownEvery Year I hear complaints of “Everything has stopped on my House Build for a month

What can make it worse is when the builder ‘Tries’ to claim an ‘Extension of Time’ for the Build.

What Does The Contract Say?

Well I have looked through the HIA Contract for my last build and here are the relevant parts.

Schedule 1*

Schedule 1 is the place that the builder states the time for completion of the build.

It specifically provides the builder with the opportunity to show how many days are included for; Weekends, public holidays,  rostered days off, and other foreseeable delays. (Christmas, and Easter, shutdowns come round every year! . . . .You can’t tell me they are not foreseeable!)

Builders Right to Extensions of Time (Clause 34*)

Acceptable reasons for ‘Extensions of Time’are:

  • The owner requests a variation.
  • Suspension due to the Owner Breaching the Contract.
  • Inclement Weather. (Bad weather during a foreseeable closure doen’t count! . . . unless it is at the end of the period and leaves the site too wet for a quick start.)
  • Disputes with neighbours that are not the builders fault.
  • Civil Commotion or industrial action (Annual shutdowns are not industrial action!)
  • Anything not done by the owner or their agents.
  • Approval delays that are not the builders fault. (It is foreseeable that there may be a delay in getting approval over the Christmas and Easter periods!)
  • Anything the builder can’t control (By making appropriate allowance in Schedule 1 the Builder controls the situation!)

What You Can Do

Before Signing The Contract

Ask the Builder to provide in writing the details of the allowance for foreseeable delays to Schedule 1*

If The Builder Claims For A Christmas, Or Easter, Shutdown Extension.

Write back stating “Building Industry  Shutdowns during the main Holiday Periods are entirely foreseeable events that should have been allowed for in the Build Period”.

* In your contract documents the numbers may be different but you should find similar sections.


See Contract Conditions for more posts


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Big Window – Fail


I have previously talked about Good Orientation and Window Size in this Blog.

It’s not as though this sort of information is secret knowledge. . . . . I would have thought all architects would be aware of the importance of these sort of issues.

So I wonder why this custom designed,  suburban house in Melbourne has this huge South facing window.

Here is why I think it’s a fail:

  • Minimal privacy.
  • Massive heat loss in winter meaning huge heating bills, or a house like a fridge.
  • No solar benefit in the winter.
  • Considerable heat gain in summer due to the poor insulation value of glazing.


Just in case you thought the purpose of the window was to take in a magnificent aspect . . . . . here is the view!



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News – 1,000 Book sales for 2014

4 books

I was planning to have some time off blogging over the Christmas period. . . . but with a Pre-Christmas rush I actually passed the 1,000 anewhouse E-book sales for 2014 on Christmas Eve!


That brings total sales to over 1,850.


All full of advice for anyone thinking about a new house


Loads of Check Lists.


Just $4 Each



To Find Out More



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Christmas Wishes To All Visitors

Here is a house that doesn’t need air conditioning!
Christmas 2014

Wishing all New House enthusiasts a

Peaceful Christmas

and a

Happy New Year


The photo is from the Third Annual Snow Sculpture contest in Breckenridge, Colorado, which attracts contestants from all over the world.


I will be having a few days off from blogging from Christmas until the New Year but will be back on 2nd January 2015.



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Aerial View – Fail

penus houseWhat do you think about the ‘house’ in this picture?

Nothing exceptional?

penus house 2Well if you see the aerial view on Google Maps you might think differently!

If you don’t believe me check out 368 W 2nd St, Dixon, Illinois (it’s actually a ‘House of God’)



For more Unusual House Photos, Wins, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?




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Tiger Tails

tiger tailsBuild near overhead electrical cables and you may need ‘Tiger Tails’.

These are plastic tubes that fit over the cables and provide mechanical protection and visual warning on power lines and conductors.

Getting ‘Tiger Tails’ installed isn’t cheap and can be in the order of $1000/month.

A twelve month build and that’s $12,000.

It sounds a lot as the tiger tail itself is relatively inexpensive, but the cost can include:

  • Cherry pickers and operator.
  • Traffic Controllers.
  • Area power disruption.
  • Notifying surrounding users during disruption.
  • Suppliers Profit.

So when you start looking at blocks, Look Up and remember the potential extra costs!


Also see What’s On The Nature Strip



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