Dangerous Number

dangerous number 1

I saw this house number a couple of weeks ago.


Wondered what that white backing to the numbers was.


Got a bit closer and the photo below is what I saw


Looks suspiciously like asbestos cement!


Sometimes I think that you people need to provide a certificate of sanity [read more…]

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What’s With Spiders

spider 1


I thought most people didn’t like spiders!


I know a few people who are scared of them!


So why are spiders, and spiders webs such a common motif on the outside of houses, and in gardens?T


These three examples are only the most recent of many ‘Spiders’ I have seen [read more…]

Zombie Proof Cabin

Zombie Proof Cabin

Frightened by the Walking Dead?

What you need is a Zombie Proof Cabin from Tiger Log Cabins for only $140,000 (plus additional shipping from the UK)

Comes with a 10 year Anti Zombie Guarantee!

Water Cannon, Search Lights, and Flamethrower are all extra.

For more information click on the Tiger Log Cabin Link above.

[read more…]

Junk Mail Lover

junk mail lover

How much Junk Mail do you need?


Well judging from this mail box one delivery is nowhere near enough!


It certainly makes a change from the ‘No Junk Mail’ signs!


For more Unusual House Photos, Wins, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?





by [read more…]

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Cliff House


What do you think about this Concept House shown on a cliff on the Great Ocean Road?

Although it is an interesting concept there are several reason s why I don’t like it!

One person gets a great view and spoils everyone elses. Think about the corrosion problems with all that salt water spray. [read more…]

Mork’s House

Morks House 1

I’m old enough to be reminded about the TV show Mork and Mindy, where Mork(Robin Williams) arrived on Earth in an Egg shaped spaceship. Mork would feel quite comfortable in this home.

As for me I’m not to sure about sleeping on that bed ‘shelf’.

This transportable unit called “BLOB VB3″, was designed by [read more…]

Sleeping in a Car Wash

V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Stuttgart auf dem Flugfeld Boeblingen.

I can sort of see the point of having a car themed bedroom.

As for a car wash that’s a bit harder to get my head around!

This is in the V8 Hotel, Böblingen, Germany

Other car themed rooms, include

A Morris Minor Garage A Route 66 theme. The Love Bug Drive In Cinema [read more…]

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Avoiding the Neighbours!

Katskhi Pillar

No this hasn’t been photoshopped . . . . and somebody does actually live in that building which is a restored monastry!

It’s been occupied since 1995 by a religious hermit who wants to be closer to God.

The limestone monolith is called the Katskhi pillar and is located at the village of Katskhi, [read more…]