50 Sheds of Grey?

As a bloke are you feeling left out if your wife has read 50 Shades of Grey?

When you move into your new house will you get back to blokey stuff at the bottom of the garden?

Perhaps you need to get find out about . . . .

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Sloping Site – Win

sloping block - win

In this blog and my ‘Guide to Building a Block‘ I have talked a lot about the problems about building on a sloping block.

That doesn’t seemed to have worried the builder of this house I saw on www.axewielderx.wordpress.com

But how did they get the car in the garage?


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The House a Cow Built!

Cow House

This is certainly an unusual house, and a key construction worker was a cow.

Basically dirt was piled up and a concrete floor was poured.

Hay bales were then stacked on the floor and more concrete poured around and over the bales.

The final step was to allow a cow to eat its way through [read more…]

Alternative Heating!

Alternative Heating

You might think that living in a hot country like Australia you don’t have to think about heating.

Have another think or on a cold night this sort of ‘Fan Heater’ might be the only way you can heat your room.

This photo is from There I fixed it – Red Neck Repairs one [read more…]

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Outdoor Bathrooms – Win

Outdoor Bathroom 2

I have often though that on a nice day it would be great to have a shower outside, preferably with a view.

So here are a couple of bathrooms that have gone that little bit further:

Both pictures are from distractyourself.com


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Ikea Flat Pack House

ikea flat pack house

Did you know that Ikea also makes flat pack homes?

As you can see from the picture below they aren’t what you might call a home, but to a refugee they are better than a tent.


These shelters provide emergency housing for natural disaster victims and refugees, and even include Solar Power

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