Mexican Whale

Mexican whale

I’m not sure whether this looks like a Whale to me . . . . but that is what the architect says this house is!

Here is a view of the inside which looks quite cosy.

I wonder if the owner is called Jonah

The architect is Javier Senosiain and his company [read more…]

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My Little Pony House

No I am not a ‘Brony’ (male who enjoys ‘My Little Pony’ ) but I had to watch plenty of those cartoons with my daughter. . . . And soon to watch again with my grandaughter.

This photo did remind me of those times.


The picture is from a website called Ugly Belgian [read more…]

2001 House

Why 2001. . . . Well I think the architects must have got their inspiration from the poster, on the right, from the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey.

The house was actually built in Hiroshima in 2007 by the Suppose Design Office.

If you follow the above link you will find more photographs [read more…]

Toilet Roll Fail

Toilet Roll Fail


It really is worthwhile to think about all the details . . . . otherwise you may make a mistake like this!

Thanks to the Angry Architect, my favourite architectural blog, for this photo.


For more Unusual House Photos, Wins, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?



by [read more…]

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Anti Villa


Demolition Site?

War Zone?

No this is a New, Completed, House!

Just when you think you have seen the weirdest building you can imagine. . . . something else comes along?

This is the Antivilla by Brandhuber

Click on the link above to see more photos. (If you thought it [read more…]

Coastal Home

trawler 1

Would you like a coastal getaway in the UK?

Well this could be the ‘Home’ you need!

Its based on a converted fishing trawler moored in Cornwall, England

On the right is an internal photo.

Offers are invited in the region of £39,950 (A$ 80,000) by agent Your Move, Plymouth.


For [read more…]

Free Form Owner Building

This Cob House

Bored with Brick Veneer?

What if you wanted to build using natural materials in whatever shape you wanted?

Well these people are hand building with ‘Cob’ which is a mixture of; Soil, straw, water, and sometimes lime.

If you would like to find out more, this photo is from This Cob House, an American [read more…]

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Rebelling Against Large Windows


If you have spent time looking round this blog you will find I am not a big fan of the large windows that are standard in many new project homes.

However I think this house may be going a little bit too far in reducing window size!

The house is by Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka [read more…]