Pallet Furniture – Win or Fail?

Pallet Furniture

So the house cost a lot more than your original budget . . . . and now you can’t afford furniture!


No worries all you need is a few 2nd hand pallets!


It’s an interesting idea so it could be a WIN . . . . but it doesn’t look very comfy [read more…]

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Don’t Cut The Hedge!

Shark hedge

It Might Bite Back!

I saw this impressive shark hedge during a recent holiday.

It is in Railton, the Topiary Town, of Northern Tasmania.

I didn’t count them but there are 150 living sculptures around the town with some very impressive examples including a steam engine, a dinosaur, and an elephant.

There is even [read more…]

Building in Miniature

Lego Brickman

Did your interest in building start with Lego Bricks?

Do you like this detailed model of the Coliseum?

Everything you see is made from Lego, by Ryan McNaught, the ‘The Brickman’.

If you want to see this model, and many more, the Brickman is exhibiting in Melbourne until April 12th, and in Sydney from [read more…]

Easter Egg House?


With it being Good Friday today I couldn’t resist using this photo of a house that looks like a big egg!

Although it looks like an egg from the side it’s actually circular in plan . . . so its more like a hamburger bun house.

Want to find out more?

Then check out [read more…]

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50 Sheds of Grey?

As a bloke are you feeling left out if your wife has read 50 Shades of Grey?

When you move into your new house will you get back to blokey stuff at the bottom of the garden?

Perhaps you need to find out about . . . .

An exerpt:

“I want [read more…]

Sloping Site – Win

sloping block - win

In this blog and my ‘Guide to Building a Block‘ I have talked a lot about the problems about building on a sloping block.

That doesn’t seemed to have worried the builder of this house I saw on

But how did they get the car in the garage?


For more Unusual House [read more…]