Mork’s House

Morks House 1

I’m old enough to be reminded about the TV show Mork and Mindy, where Mork(Robin Williams) arrived on Earth in an Egg shaped spaceship. Mork would feel quite comfortable in this home.

As for me I’m not to sure about sleeping on that bed ‘shelf’.

This transportable unit called “BLOB VB3″, was designed by [read more...]

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Sleeping in a Car Wash

I can sort of see the point of having a car themed bedroom.

As for a car wash that’s a bit harder to get my head around!

This is in the V8 Hotel, Böblingen, Germany

Other car themed rooms, include

A Morris Minor Garage A Route 66 theme. The Love Bug Drive In Cinema [read more...]

Avoiding the Neighbours!

Katskhi Pillar

No this hasn’t been photoshopped . . . . and somebody does actually live in that building which is a restored monastry!

It’s been occupied since 1995 by a religious hermit who wants to be closer to God.

The limestone monolith is called the Katskhi pillar and is located at the village of Katskhi, [read more...]

Great View . . . . But?

Refuge-Gervasutti-Alpine-Hut dining room

How would you like a spectacular view like this from your Dining Table?

Just a few problems getting to that dining table.

To give you a clue here is the outside view of the ‘House’.

You would need to climb a couple of thousand metres from the nearest valley . . . and need [read more...]

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Weird Bank

ing head office

Space Ship?

Star Wars AT-AT Walker?

or Bank Head Office?

Don’t laugh too much, your new home mortgage may be with this Bank!

Well as unlikely as it seems this in the Global Headquarters of my Bank . . . ING.

The building is located in the business district of Zuidas, part of Amsterdam, [read more...]

Skinny House

thin house

No this isn’t the entrance to a big house . . . it’s the whole house.

It is another of those small Japanese houses

Those Japanese architects certainly don’t go for the McMansion approach.


If you want to see more photos of the house go to


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Door Bells – Fail

door bell fail

In my experience door bell buttons are unreliable, so I can understand that they need to be replaced.


The thing is if one isn’t working then wouldn’t it be best to remove it . . . . . something that doesn’t seem to have occurred to the people at this house.


I had [read more...]

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The House of Darth

star wars conservatory

One for all those Star Wars fans out there!

Seen on the Angry Architects Face Book Page

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