Tank House – Win!

Tank House 1

For all you water collecting enthusiasts can you beat this home?

Two sides of the house are lined with plastic rainwater tanks!

Not surprisingly its called the ‘Tank House’ and is located in Port Melbourne.

Although there are a considerable number of tanks that are plumbed for water storage there are some ‘dummy [read more…]

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Modern ‘Castle’

parish Lane Castle from GOOGLE Maps

Parish Lane Castle from GOOGLE Maps

Here is an interesting ‘Castle’ in Perth.

It seems a bit of a mixed architecture with a Gothic Castle Tower added to what looks to be a Roman Style Villa.

Although its not to my taste, one of the things I like about Australian Planning is it does [read more…]

Home Of The Tooth Fairy? – Win!

Tooth Fairy House

I recently spotted this interesting fence on my travels.

No it’s not the Tooth Fairy, but it is a dentist in Aspendale Gardens, a suburb of Melbourne.

Definitely a Win for an eye catching way of advertising his practice!

If you have seen an interesting, or strange, house let me know and we can [read more…]

$6 Million Home Theatre

$6 million dollar theatre

Yes you saw it right!

This price of the home theatre is $6,000,000! The rest of the house is extra!

The sound system includes 72 speakers each powered by its own $8,000 analogue amplifier paired with a $18,000 digital amplifier.

To deliver the 150,000watts of amplification means the room requires its own power supply [read more…]

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Big Window – Fail


I have previously talked about Good Orientation and Window Size in this Blog.

It’s not as though this sort of information is secret knowledge. . . . . I would have thought all architects would be aware of the importance of these sort of issues.

So I wonder why this custom designed, suburban house [read more…]

Aerial View – Fail

penus house 2

What do you think about the ‘house’ in this picture?

Nothing exceptional?

Well if you see the aerial view on Google Maps you might think differently!

If you don’t believe me check out 368 W 2nd St, Dixon, Illinois (it’s actually a ‘House of God’)



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Arrogant House


Here is one of the most photographed houses in Victoria, ‘The Pole House’ at Fairhaven, near Lorne.


I hate it for the Arrogance!

A lovely stretch of natural coastline and someone puts up this concrete pimple to spoil everyone else’s view so they can marginally improve their own view.

Its not as though [read more…]

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Science Fiction House – Win

Alian House 1

What do you think about this Alien / Predator themed Theatre Room?

and this Attic Music Room that looks like the deck of a Starship?

All hidden in the ordinary looking Swedish House.

Could be yours for under $400,000..

For more information check out the link at www.pontuzlofgren.se

Thanks to ‘SaveH2O’ for the [read more…]