Outdoor Bathrooms – Win

Outdoor Bathroom 2

I have often though that on a nice day it would be great to have a shower outside, preferably with a view.

So here are a couple of bathrooms that have gone that little bit further:

Both pictures are from distractyourself.com


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Ikea Flat Pack House

ikea flat pack house

Did you know that Ikea also makes flat pack homes?

As you can see from the picture below they aren’t what you might call a home, but to a refugee they are better than a tent.


These shelters provide emergency housing for natural disaster victims and refugees, and even include Solar Power

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A Comfortable Bathroom

Terrible real estate Photos

About 3 years ago I posted on ‘Why Separate Toilets? ‘ but I know a lot of you don’t agree me. . . . . . So what do you think of this Bathroom?

Would you be happy sitting in the arm chair while someone is on the toilet!

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Tank House – Win!

Tank House 1

For all you water collecting enthusiasts can you beat this home?

Two sides of the house are lined with plastic rainwater tanks!

Not surprisingly its called the ‘Tank House’ and is located in Port Melbourne.

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Modern ‘Castle’

parish Lane Castle from GOOGLE Maps

Parish Lane Castle from GOOGLE Maps

Here is an interesting ‘Castle’ in Perth.

It seems a bit of a mixed architecture with a Gothic Castle Tower added to what looks to be a Roman Style Villa.

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Home Of The Tooth Fairy? – Win!

Tooth Fairy House

I recently spotted this interesting fence on my travels.

No it’s not the Tooth Fairy, but it is a dentist in Aspendale Gardens, a suburb of Melbourne.

Definitely a Win for an eye catching way of advertising his practice!

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