Forever Home

Forever Home

I often hear people talking about ‘Our Forever Home’ . . . . . . . well this is a $2,000,000 Forever Home.

Some of the features include:

Located in extensive ‘Gated Community’. Very quiet neighbours. Marble lined walls. Air Conditioning. Lift to the ‘Basement’.

I can’t think of many people who would be [read more...]

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Risks of DIY Remodeling

photo from

One of my favourite ‘Waste of Time’ activities is reading the Not Always Right website.

Below is a recent post which indicates the problems of DIY house remodeling!

Going Totally Off The Wall (I work for a company that builds homes and develops land. As per California law, we warranty our homes for a ten-year [read more...]

Seaweed House


What do you think of this house?

Roof look a little unusual?

Well the roof, and the walls, are built using seeweed!

The seeweed provides a long lasting external surface, which as well as being a natural renewable resource, has great insulation values.

To find out more, with lots of pictures of [read more...]

Worlds Most Unusual Door

Klemens Torggler Door

This picture shows a Klemens Torggler Door

If you think it looks odd just click on the youtube video link below to see it open and close . . . . But be careful, I could watch it for hours!

Youtube Door Video


For more Unusual Ideas have a look at: [read more...]

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Throw Away The Spirit Level

Villa Libeskind

A spirit level, or a builders square wouldn’t be much use in this house. . . Hardly any of the walls are vertical or the corners square!

This is actually a modular building designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind (who incidentally has one of the worst websites I have come across)

If you [read more...]

Missed The Bath – Fail

tap fail Herman

But when was this stuffed up?

When the bath was selected When the tapware was selected? When the bath was installed? When the tapware was installed?

It does show how carefully you need to thick about things at Selection/Pre-Start.

Thanks again to Herman Fong for submitting this photo. (If you see something [read more...]

Front Path – Fail 2

Path Fail Herman

What an imposing facade!

But why is it spoiled by that letter box in the middle of the path? . . . . . Perhaps it’s because the letter box is hiding the water meter!

It’s funny how those water meters always seem to be in the wrong place. We had the same issue [read more...]

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Split Level Bedroom – Fail

Why would you go to the effort of building that platform for the bed? . . . . .and why the curves?

This could be a major hazard if you need to go to the toilet in the night! . . . . . . Fall off the step on the way to the [read more...]