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Balancing Barn

Balancing Barn suffolk 1

This unusual silver building hanging over a shallow valley in Suffolk, UK. is known as the ‘Balancing Barn’.

It was designed by MVRDV, from Holland who are well known for the ingenuity of their designs.

It is actually rented out as a holiday home sleeping up to 8 people.

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Childproof House

inflatable house

Just make sure it is well tied down!


I found this photo on


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Tacky Facade

Tacky Facade

I have been in England recently . . . and of course couldn’t resist spending some time looking at houses.

This house has just about the tackiest facade I have seen in a long time.

I don’t have a problem with people spending a bit of money on the front of the house. . . [read more…]

Taking A Good Hard Look At Yourself


If your friends and/or colleges think you need to get your act together perhaps you need to spend some time in this bathroom!


I think I might find it off putting using the toilet. . . . because it would feel as though there was a crowd in there with me!

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Top House

Top House

If you are wondering why I am referring to this unusual hexagonal house as a Top House. . .

. . . . it’s because it’s even more unusual than it looks

It spins (although not as fast as a real spinning top)

It is called the Everingham [read more…]

David In The Front Yard

David Statue

I like some sort of sculptural piece in a garden . . . . but I think this might be a bit over the top.

A representation of the famous Michelangelo ‘Statue of David’ 4m tall.

I didn’t say copy because it looks like David has been doing some trunk curls to get that [read more…]

Tropical Temple? or House?

temple house

I would certainly describe this property as eye catching!

Although it does look like a Temple to me, its actually a three bedroom house.

Rather than the tropics it’s in a small street in the Melbourne Suburb of Cairnlea.


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Tumbledown Barn

alchemy Architect Barn House

At first glance this really does look like a Tumbledown Barn.

In reality it is actually a modern house by Alchemy Architecture an American practice that are very involved in designs that utilise recycled materals.

Follows the following link to see the interior and other interesting projects: Blair Barnhouse.

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