Antiques and Collectables Fair 2015

Want to get an usual print for the wall in your new house?……..or an unusual ornament for that display case?

Make a note in your diary to go to the

Annual Hoppers Crossing Rotary Club Antiques and Collectables Fair 2015.

It will be held at the

Wyndham Civic Centre, Old Geelong [read more…]

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Solar Tube Options

Sometimes our homes are a little lacking in the light department.

Even if there are lots of windows, if your property is overlooked at all, or faces the ‘wrong way’, you might find yourself craving that natural light.

You may need to light

Bathrooms, Walk in Robes Corridors Pantries Toilets

That’s where Solar Tubes come [read more…]

10,000 Visits A Month

10,000 visits

Yesterday was a big day for this blog, and me!

This screenshot from Google Analytics shows I passed the 10,000 visits a month milestone for the first time.

OK its not the hundreds of thousands that some websites get. . . . . . . but then the site is only aimed at people [read more…]

Optus + NBN – Fail 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the problems in getting an Installation Appointment but things didn’t much better.

Stage 5

New Optus Modem arrives in the post followed by an NBN installation engineer on the 5th May. the engineer checks the line plugs the modem in and leaves telling us that we should [read more…]

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Optus + NBN – FAIL

Since the National Broadband Network (NBN) became available in our area our story of customer service with Optus has been appalling!

Stage 1

At the end of March we tried to use the Optus on line system to book an installation.

After an on line discussions with an Optus representative we were told that the [read more…]

Creating A Gorgeous Outdoor Patio With Spectacular Paving


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

The patio is that part of the house that is dedicated for relaxation and rest. It is a great place to get away from it all and just enjoy a setting sun after a long stressful day.

There is no better way to make the treasured patio [read more…]

Blogger For Hire


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everybody is talking about SEO. . . . but to get GOOGLE to like you takes more than a few SEO tricks.

When GOOGLE refers someone to your site it checks:

How many pages the visitor looks at; Which pages they look at How long they Stay;

Google also checks to [read more…]

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THE BLOCK – Useful, or Just Entertainment?

the block

Do you watch the Block?

I do, although I don’t see too much ‘Reality’ in this Reality TV Show.

What’s Unrealistic

The Judges Opinion’s – In ‘Sky High’ and ‘Glasshouse’ we had one winner and one second place from contestants that regularly got marked down by the judges while some of those that were regularly [read more…]