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Solar Panel Alignment (Revised 2015)

The suns position in the sky varies throughout the year and over each day.

The ideal situation is when the sun is hitting the panels closest to a perfectly perpendicular angle (90°).

So in Australia, what angle and orientation are best?……….. Well when mounting solar panels there are two elements of the alignment that affect [read more…]

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Update on Solar Power, and Tariffs

tariffs smart meter

To get the best benefit from Grid Connected Solar Power you need to be up to date with the latest tariffs that apply to your installation.

These days the Feed In Tariff (FIT) is much less than a few years ago.

Power Tariffs

Here in Victoria the FIT for excess power put into the [read more…]

Solar Power – Inverters

What Are Inverters?

Basically an inverter is a device which converts the electricity from your solar panels to a form that can be used by normal domestic appliances, and lights.

The electricity generated by the solar panels is Direct Current (DC) but the typical home runs on Alternating Current (AC)*.

*It is possible to run [read more…]

Solar is Winning


Electricity demand has dropped so much that Australia currently has at least 3 major coal fired power stations more than it needs! (This year the surplus capacity at peak demand is estimated to be around 8,000 megawatts)

In early July this year there was actually zero demand for power station generation in Queensland, mainly [read more…]

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Solar Power – No North Facing Roof

Retirement Solar

Conventional wisdom has been that you needed a North facing roof to mount your solar panels . . . . . . but it might be time to re-think!

Cost of Panels

In the early 1990 when people first really started looking at solar power for the home the cost of pv panel alone [read more…]

Solar Electricity – Retirement Investment

Retirement Solar

Downsizing to a smaller new house for your retirement? Don’t forget to think about solar power.

Last week I revised a post ‘Solar Power is it Worth It?‘ but if you are approaching retirement, like me, there can be an even bigger financial advantage in having solar installed.

Differing Lifestyle

Because we are both [read more…]

Solar Electricity – Is It Worthwhile? (2014)


There is a lot of marketing information around about Grid Connected Solar Panels but not many independant facts. Here’s an example of an evaluation of a basic system for a house.

We use around 16kw hours (kwhr) of electricity per day which is fairly typical; For each 1kw of solar panels we can expect [read more…]

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Solar Power – Reasons for Low Output


For each kw of installed capacity of solar panels on average you can expect to generate 3.5kwhrs per day. This can however vary considerably for a variety of reasons.

Monthly Variation

On a peak summer day you may be able to generate 6 or 7kw hrs per day.

In winter it can be quite different. [read more…]