Thermal Mass for Heating

If you read up about energy efficiency you will come across the expression ‘Thermal Mass’ . . . . . . but what is it? . . . . . and how does it work?

Materials with Thermal Mass

The most common materials with Thermal Mass in new houses are; Concrete, Stone, Slate, Tiles and [read more...]

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Glaring Fail

Glaring fail 1 (485x640)

Here is a new town house development in Melbourne.

Just a couple of ‘small’ problems

Those huge master bedroom windows face west so they are going to get the summer sun all day from around 2.00pm until late in the evening. What makes it worst is it has full length mirrored wardrobes on the [read more...]

Window Shade Fail

shade fail

I saw these north facing windows the other day.

In spite of the architectural detailing this is a lesson on how to stuff up shading!

Its less than an hour from Midday and already most of the window is out of the shade. If you want to know how to [read more...]

Advice – Fail

North Facing Blocks

When I saw this Billboard the other day I had turn round to drive past it again, as I didn’t believe it the first time!

They are making it appear that it’s a big deal that they are selling what are the worst blocks on the estate!

A North Facing Block mean [read more...]

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If you go back 20 years most houses had proper eaves but now they are less common. As I travel around I sometimes see new houses with eaves on the front facade but non elsewhere which I think looks weird.

If you are thinking about Eaves on your new house here are some advantages [read more...]

West, or East, Facing Windows


Well the first rule is to avoid West, or East, facing windows or at least keep them as small as possible….and here is why:


West windows get direct sunlight from mid-afternoon to late in the evening in summer causing overheating.

East facing windows get sun from sunrise to midday. This [read more...]

Block Orientation

Sponsored by Coral Homes

When looking at block orientation a key issue is using the sun to warm the house in winter and keeping the sun out of the rooms in the summer.

Typical blocks in Australia are rectangular. About twice as long as the block width, as are most home designs. This limits the [read more...]

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Winter Sun

Winter Shade dwg

If you are going to get as much winter sun inside your house you want to minimise shading from neighbours and boundary fences/hedges.

Here is how to check…………………..

Ideally you should be aiming for around 6 of hours of sunlight on the shortest day (21st June). To get the exact angle for your location you [read more...]