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Don’t Forget Curtains!

It’s well known a lot of heat is lost through windows.

With single glazing the Thermal Resistance, ‘R’ Value is 0.16.

Although they aren’t considered in energy calculations (see this link: Energy Rating) curtains can significantly decrease the heat loss from a window.

They also improve the feeling of comfort.

Insulation Value

With different materials [read more…]

What Does The Energy Rating Mean?

The ratings are calculated by a NatHERS (Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme) computer simulation of an individual house design to estimate the thermal comfort.

The calculations are based on 69 different ‘Climate Zones” and allows comparison of different properties in the same climate zone.

The following table shows the Energy Load for various capital cities [read more…]

Air Locks

air lock

I am away in the UK at the moment.

As I have been travelling round I was remembering something I felt was very strange when I first got to Australia. . . . . . It was as soon as you went through the front door you were in the main living space of [read more…]

Garage Door Insulation

insulating garage door

Most garages are too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter.

If you want to use the garage as a workshop . . or even a man cave, it will be much more comfortable if its insulated.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the garage also means it makes a better Buffer Zone for the [read more…]

Sisalation or Sarking


Sarking is the sheet material which can be put over the roof trusses before the final roof covering is installed.

It’s normally standard on a metal roof as it prevents condensation on the underside of a roof from dropping onto the ceiling below.

In the case of a tiled roof it helps with weatherproofing [read more…]

Seaweed House


What do you think of this house?

Roof look a little unusual?

Well the roof, and the walls, are built using seeweed!

The seeweed provides a long lasting external surface, which as well as being a natural renewable resource, has great insulation values.

To find out more, with lots of pictures of [read more…]

Rendered Foam Walls

Foam rendered walls

Rendered Foam walls are becoming much more common, particularly in the upper floor of 2 storey homes. They offer a real advantage in situations where it would be difficult to provide adequate suppport for a heavy brick wall (For example when the upper floor needs to be set back from the ground floor)

If you [read more…]

Understanding Ceiling Insulation

ceiling insulation (2)

I frequently see comments like “Ceiling insulation is next to worthless in summer.”

I have even heard people say “With a hot roof space it will be overwhelmed.” and “After the sun has gone off it stops the house cooling down.”

Here is the truth:

All insulation works by slowing the rate of heat [read more…]