Seaweed House


What do you think of this house?

Roof look a little unusual?

Well the roof, and the walls, are built using seeweed!

The seeweed provides a long lasting external surface, which as well as being a natural renewable resource, has great insulation values.

To find out more, with lots of pictures of [read more...]

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Rendered Foam Walls

Foam rendered walls

Rendered Foam walls are becoming much more common, particularly in the upper floor of 2 storey homes. They offer a real advantage in situations where it would be difficult to provide adequate suppport for a heavy brick wall (For example when the upper floor needs to be set back from the ground floor)

If you [read more...]

Understanding Ceiling Insulation

ceiling insulation (2)

I frequently see comments like “Ceiling insulation is next to worthless in summer.”

I have even heard people say “With a hot roof space it will be overwhelmed.” and “After the sun has gone off it stops the house cooling down.”

Here is the truth:

All insulation works by slowing the rate of heat [read more...]

Insulation Basics – Double Brick Walls

I have previously carried out a worked example of the insulation of a Brick Veneer Wall, so as a comparison here is double brick wall.

I have also shown (in brackets) the effect of using a hebel block in place of one of the brick ‘leaves’:


R value

Outside surface air layer

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Condensation, a minor inconvenience, or a major problem?

A little condensation on windows is easily dealt with, . . . . . . but heavy condensation in poorly ventilated corners can lead to mould damaging your walls, ceilings, or even your clothes.

Why does Condensation Occur

Condensation in a building occurs when warm air, [read more...]

Insulation Basics – Ceiling Insulation

ceiling insulation (2)

Without effective insulation more heat is lost through the roof than either the walls or floor.

There are a range of options for insulating your new home roof with some insulation materials having different effects in summer and winter.

Here are the calculations for my last new house which had a tiled roof with [read more...]

Reducing External Noise

Aircraft Noise

It’s not always possible to build in a quiet area so there are a number of techniques for reducing noise that you can use in your new home.

Here is a quick review of the options:

Minimising windows facing the noise. OK as long as the noise source isn’t on the [read more...]

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Slab Insulation

Slab Insulation 1

I have previously posted about the relatively small heat loss from a slab on ground But what if you have got in slab heating, or just want to minimise heat loss/gain from your house?

Before Construction

This sketch shows the placement of the insulation, if you can arrange for the builder to install it [read more...]