Renovation and Home Design

What Does The Energy Rating Mean?

The ratings are calculated by a NatHERS (Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme) computer simulation of an individual house design to estimate the thermal comfort.

The calculations are based on 69 different ‘Climate Zones” and allows comparison of different properties in the same climate zone.

The following table shows the Energy Load for various capital cities [read more…]

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Solar Panel Alignment (Revised 2015)

The suns position in the sky varies throughout the year and over each day.

The ideal situation is when the sun is hitting the panels closest to a perfectly perpendicular angle (90°).

So in Australia, what angle and orientation are best?……….. Well when mounting solar panels there are two elements of the alignment that affect [read more…]

Fridge Location


You may be out shopping for a new fridge to go in the new house


You may just want to check your existing fridge fits in the alcove in your new kitchen.

Whichever it is . . . . . Don’t forget to leave room around the fridge!


Both refrigerators and [read more…]

Worldhouse 101

Worldhome 101

Do you want to build a real ‘Eco Friendly’ home?

Do you like the house in this picture?

Perhaps you should have a look at

The house is a well thought out design, for a 3 bedroom house, based on a small (100m2) footprint.

I check out lots of magazines and websites. . [read more…]

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Air Locks

air lock

I am away in the UK at the moment.

As I have been travelling round I was remembering something I felt was very strange when I first got to Australia. . . . . . It was as soon as you went through the front door you were in the main living space of [read more…]

Solar Power – What’s Happening in Australia

Rotex PV Hot water

I spent a couple of hours last week looking around the Australian Solar Council ‘Solar 2015 Exhibition and Conference‘.

So here are a few things which may be of interest if you are planning a new house.

Hot Water from Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

This is a Rotex Hot Water Service that uses Photo Voltaic Power [read more…]

Passiv Haus

Castlemaine Pasiv Haus

What is a Passiv Haus (Passive House)?

Well as you might have guessed the term originates in Germany, and relates to a method of achieving more sustainable performance (and lower Energy Bills)

It’s a technique which doesn’t rely on good orientation, high thermal mass and natural cross flow ventilation to provide comfortable [read more…]

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Solar Electricity To Heat Water

Do you need a separate solar hot water system?

Could you just heat the water by electricity generated by your Photo Voltaic (PV) solar cells?

I have carried out a desktop exercise to help you review the options.

Solar Water Heaters

There are now hundreds of thousands of solar hot water heaters installed around Australia [read more…]