Renovation and Home Design

Garden Photo – Fail

ugly house photos(dog)

One of the rules of getting your house Ready for Sale is to remove your pets, and hide their baskets food bowls etc.

If you don’t you might find your house advertised on the internet with a photo of your dog ‘leaving a deposit’ like this!

Its amazing how people miss these [read more…]

Staging Your Old House

kitchen clutter

Presentation of your existing house, or staging as its now known, is important to make sure you get the most money for your new house.

Probably the best look is a de-cluttered home. If you remove all the homely touches it can look a bit sterile

Here are some more tips to make sure it [read more…]

Negative Investment

overdevelopment 2

Negative Investment can be quite a problem…..but what is it.

Well it’s when the house is worth less than you paid for it. This can be a real issue if you need to sell the house.

There are three ways you can find yourself in a Negative Investment Situation:

Falling House Prices

For [read more…]

Why I Used Jenman System Agents To Sell


Unless your new house is the first house you own you are going to have to sell your existing house.

Lots of people in Melbourne use auctions but I have never been very keen on that approach.

We have now sold two houses using Jenman System Agents and have been very satisfied.

We recently [read more…]