Virtual Build?

Virtual Build

I recently saw an advert for ‘MyPlace’ a ‘Virtual Build Information System’ by Burbank.

What Is A Virtual Build Information System?

MyPlace is a virtual construction site which provides a visual aid in the progress of your home’s construction. It lets you check out what’s happening on-site of your new home without having to leave [read more...]

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Choosing a New House – Book Launch

choosing a house-cover


Today I am launching the latest anewhouse GUIDE



Aimed at making sure you consider a wide range of issues Before You Pay The Deposit for your new home!

Posts from this Blog and Much More.

100 pages packed with advice, including Comprehensive Checklists.

In pdf format so you can read it on [read more...]

Love the Display Home


When you visit a Builders Display home you will probably be given a price list which quotes the Basic Price for the house you are looking at.

Don’t be fooled!……… The feature you see in the Display Home will add much more to the cost.

The following table provides examples [read more...]

Using Your Own Tradies

When you look at some of the prices that builders charge for things it makes you wonder if you can get things cheaper by employing your own tradies during the build.

Examples are things like:

Refrigerated air conditioning. Extra lighting. High end bathroom fixtures.

Unfortunately its not always that simple. Some builder will allow you [read more...]

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Have a look in the real estate section of the papers and you will see some builders are offering ‘Special Incentives’ for a limited period…………………… should you rush in to take them up?

Well I don’t think it makes any difference.

The ones that offer incentives seem to operate on a cycle of offers something [read more...]

Standard Building Contract or ‘Owner Builder Contract’

Some small builders may suggest they can package build a house cheaper for you if you become an ‘Owner Builder’*.

* Not be confused with True ‘Owner Building’ where you have the skills and propose doing a lot of the work yourself

Here are 8 reasons why you should think very hard about doing this:

[read more...]

Considering Owner Building?

Are you considering owner building to save money? Is it the only way you can afford your dream? Perhaps you want to be able to have more choice with fittings and appliances.

Well I have almost 40 years in Construction engineering and I have been happy to use building companies for my three new houses. [read more...]

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Why The Lowest Price May Not Be A Good Idea


When looking for a builder or a tradesman we are often told to get at least three quotes. If you do this, and then just accept the lowest price you are taking a big risk! Sometimes your choice may be affected because someone can promise an early start.

Lowest Price

Here are some reasons [read more...]