Ghost House 2

ghost 2a

Here is another Ghost House where nothing seems to have moved for a long time.

As you can see it was going to be a big house.

After being exposed to the elements for years it’s probably only fit for demolition.

I have heard people say you should aim [read more...]

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Investment Property or New Home

Guest post by Callum Scott of Scott Finance

Are you building for yourself? . . . or will it be a rental property?

Over the last part of the 20th century home ownership has been around 70% but has now slipped to 67.5%.

Why has this happened and will this trend continue?

Is [read more...]

Bridging Finance Basics

Guest post by Callum Scott of Scott Finance


Buying Your Next Home . . . . but haven’t sold your current house?

You can put your home on the market, sell it, settle and then rent while waiting for your new home to be built. For some people this can be a real hassle!

[read more...]

Construction Loans

Guest post by Callum Scott of Scott Finance

Before looking at the difference between a construction loan and a standard mortgage, it is important to realise that the criteria for obtaining a construction loan are pretty much the same as those for a mortgage.

Therefore you need to approach the borrowing process in the same [read more...]

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Love the Display Home


When you visit a Builders Display home you will probably be given a price list which quotes the Basic Price for the house you are looking at.

Don’t be fooled!……… The feature you see in the Display Home will add much more to the cost.

The following table provides examples [read more...]

Negative Investment

overdevelopment 2

Negative Investment can be quite a problem…..but what is it.

Well it’s when the house is worth less than you paid for it. This can be a real issue if you need to sell the house.

There are three ways you can find yourself in a Negative Investment Situation:

Falling House Prices

For [read more...]

Restricted Site, Costs

Restricted site

People are astonished at how the builders costs soar when building on a restricted site!

A restricted site is generally when a the building takes up most of the block. Generally this means that there is little room to store materials and special techniques may be needed to construct the house.

Generally if you [read more...]

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Final Cost – When Do You Find Out?

Some people think that when they pay an initial deposit, and leave the Builders Sales Office they know how much their house will cost…………..If you are unlucky, and/or don’t know how the system works you could be hit for unexpected costs in the order of tens of thousands of dollars.

These are the times when [read more...]