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Small Strata Developments

Small Strata

A small strata development is a way of retaining an existing house and providing a rear Block. It is an alternative to a Battle Axe Block. This plan shows a typical Small Strata Development.

With this type of development there are 3 Titles as follows:

A block title, of reduced size for the original house [read more…]

Buying a Block

buying block-cover

anewhouse GUIDE – E-Book

Aimed at making sure you consider a wide range of issues to ensure you get the right block for your new home!

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In pdf format so you can read it on your tablet computer.

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Can You Subdivide?

I would advise calling into the Council Planning Department and discussing your block as early as possible. I have always found them very helpful.

To be better informed here are 4 things to think about before talking to the planner:

State and Local Planning Zones, Schedules , Overlays, Rules, and Guidelines.

What State [read more…]

Subdivision Costs

Are you thinking about splitting an existing house block to get a 2nd house block for free?………..Well it might be cheap compared with an existing block in the same area, but it won’t be free!

The costs can easily exceed $20,000 for a simple dividing a single block in two.

Below are some indications of [read more…]