Different Soil Classification Results

When you look at a block its always worth asking the Developer’s Agent what the Soil Classification is ……….. Only don’t take what you are told too seriously!

Usually the developers opinion is going to be that the site is going to be better (lower site costs) than your builder.

To understand why you need [read more...]

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Buying a Block

buying block-cover

anewhouse GUIDE – E-Book

Aimed at making sure you consider a wide range of issues to ensure you get the right block for your new home!

Posts from this Blog and Much More.

In pdf format so you can read it on your tablet computer.

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Drop Edge Beams


If you want to build your new home on a slope you may need to have the additional cost of needing drop edge beams on the low side of the slabs.

These are a sort of retaining wall to hold the fill under the house slab as shown in the drawing below.

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Types of Fill

compaction roller

You will often find a reference to ‘Fill’ in your Geotechnical Report.

Your site may require ‘Cut and Fill’ to level the site.

Here is a bit of information about the various types of fill:

Ordinary Fill

Ordinary fill is normally excavated material from the site or from a unspecified location. After placement the excavator [read more...]

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Building On Rock

Rock excavation 2

Based on the Soil Classification rock is considered one of the best surfaces to build a house foundation.

It comes under the Classification Class A.

That doesn’t mean its going to be cheap especially for a conventional raft or waffle pod slab.

Any excavation such as leveling the site and excavation for sewerage and [read more...]

What Sort of Plan?

Buying Land…….There are several sorts of Plans/ Surveys of your Block to think about before you can start building a house.

Here is a guide to the various plans based on the same block:

Title Plan

Title Plans are the legal document that describes the land. Initially they are usually the only plan that is [read more...]

Waffle Pod Raft Slab

waffle pod slab

A ‘Waffle Pod’ slab is now probably the most common Concrete ‘Raft’ House base. Its generally taken over from the Conventional Raft Foundation.

It’s an example of composite construction with polystyrene pods forming voids in the underside of the concrete ‘Waffle’.

This photo shows the pods, with the reinforcement placed over them, prior to placing [read more...]

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Building On Sand

Sand Erosion house

Building on sand at first seems to be an issue…… although I have heard it said that sand is actually the easiest ‘soil to build on.

If you live in West Australia there is a good chance that your house will be on sand so there is plenty of experience around .

Raft Foundations

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