6 Reasons To Have A Pool

swimming pool

I recently posted on 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Have a Pool and got some comments back. . . . . . so here are some Alternative Views.

Heat Relief – Dive in to cool off on a sweltering day. One suggestion I received was have a TV installed so you can [read more…]

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Small Strata Developments

Small Strata

A small strata development is a way of retaining an existing house and providing a rear Block. It is an alternative to a Battle Axe Block. This plan shows a typical Small Strata Development.

With this type of development there are 3 Titles as follows:

A block title, of reduced size for the original house [read more…]

Buying a Block

buying block-cover

anewhouse GUIDE – E-Book

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Advice – Fail

North Facing Blocks

When I saw this Billboard the other day I had turn round to drive past it again, as I didn’t believe it the first time!

They are making it appear that it’s a big deal that they are selling what are the worst blocks on the estate!

A North Facing Block mean [read more…]

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What’s on the Nature Strip?

Nature Strip

Don’t forget to have a look at the Footpath and Nature Strip!

Often forgotten but what’s there can affect what you can do with the block, and general livability.

Some of the things that can affect you are:

Place of the Crossover If the driveway crossover isn’t where you want it it can cost you [read more…]

Restricted Site, Costs

Restricted site

People are astonished at how the builders costs soar when building on a restricted site!

A restricted site is generally when a the building takes up most of the block. Generally this means that there is little room to store materials and special techniques may be needed to construct the house.

Generally if you [read more…]


Aircraft Noise (2)

Noise pollution should be an issue to check when choosing a block.

Relatively low noise levels can affect how you enjoy your garden and allfresco areas. Bad noise can spoil your enjoyment inside as well. (We rented for a few months near a railway and would miss 3-4 lines of TV dialogue every time a [read more…]

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Travel Issues

Traffic Issues

It’s a Saturday and your partner says “Why don’t we go and look at some blocks that have been advertised in the paper?”

So you jump in the car and in no time at all you are at the Site.

“That was easy!” you say………….but how realistic is Saturday traffic compared with a weekday [read more…]