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Why Display Homes Are An Attractive Option For Home Buyers

Display Home Homemakers

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Homeownership is something that many of us aspire towards, and something that offers us the opportunity to secure our future and the future of our family.

The only problem is that homeownership is becoming more and more expensive as property prices rise and the market becomes more and [read more…]


Have a look in the real estate section of the papers and you will see some builders are offering ‘Special Incentives’ for a limited period…………………… should you rush in to take them up?

Well I don’t think it makes any difference.

The ones that offer incentives seem to operate on a cycle of offers something [read more…]

10 Things Before You Pay The Deposit

OK you have looked round lots of show houses and found one you like. The representative is now asking for a $500, or more, deposit. Do you pay straight away?……..Well you are currently in your best position to negotiate so don’t rush! ………….Here is what I would do next:

Tell them you need a week [read more…]