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Why Display Homes Are An Attractive Option For Home Buyers

Display Home Homemakers

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Homeownership is something that many of us aspire towards, and something that offers us the opportunity to secure our future and the future of our family.

The only problem is that homeownership is becoming more and more expensive as property prices rise and the market becomes more and [read more…]

Overflowing Drains

Overflowing drains

Its not unusual to see local flooding around a house, or on streets, during exceptionally heavy rainfall.

If you are unlucky you might even see a manhole ‘Pop It’s Top!’ like this one!

This is because the council drains don’t have the capacity to deal with these really heavy rains!

Why It Happens

The roof [read more…]

5 mistakes to avoid when building your dream home

gjgardner display-homes

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build your dream home, this can be a wonderful experience.

However, it is common for inexperienced homeowners to make lapses in their judgment when they are making decisions that are affecting the build of their home.

Below are [read more…]

Saline Ground Conditions

"Valley of Salt" - Salinity in the Western Australian wheatbelt near Bruce Rock, WA.

“Valley of Salt” – Salinity in the Western Australian wheatbelt near Bruce Rock, WA. photo by CSIRO

Salinity doesn’t have to be as bad as in this photograph to cause problems in new homes.

It’s also quite common for land that has not got salinity issues to develop salinity over several years.

Building Problems [read more…]

Remove, or Vary, a Covenant

Many properties come with covenants that restrict what you can do with the site.

Although you can try to Remove the Covenant you might have a better chance of success in getting a permit to vary it instead.

A couple of examples:

The covenant says ‘Only One Dwellings’.

If you want to subdivide [read more…]

Potential Acidic Sulphate Soils

Risk of PASS

Look to buy a block on a coastal plain, alongside a river, or a reclaimed wetland and you may see the area described as Potential Acidic Sulphate Soil (PASS).

Well PASS doesn’t mean OK!

Risk of PASS

Why, And Where It Occurs

These types of soil generally occur in areas which were flooded by [read more…]

Low Bank Valuations

People building a new home are often shocked when their bank valuation is less than the cost of the land plus the build cost.

Problems With Low Valuation

The two issue are

Unless your deposit is larger than the difference between the Final Cost and the valuation you will be unable to finance the build. [read more…]

Do You Need A Home Theatre?

I keep reading articles about issues with the affordability of Australian houses. . . . . but then find lot’s of you want a ‘Media Room’ in your new houses!

So how much is a basic Home Theatre going to add to the cost of your new house?

Room Size

Room size if you are [read more…]