Renovation and Home Design


I think a Shovel, as well as a Spade, is a worthwhile addition to your tool collection for your new home.

You should be able to buy a ‘Concreters’ Shovel like this for $25 dollars, or less, so it shouldn’t break the bank!

As well as concreting it’s a good shovel for loading bark. [read more…]

Hiring a Dingo Loader

Dingo Loader

Spreading a lot of topsoil or levelling a large garden yourself?………….One of the best tools is a ‘Dingo’ or ‘Kanga’ loader. These can usually be hired locally at very reasonable rates.

Can be a bit scary driving the dingo off the trailer. Just go slow and you should be alright. [read more…]

Choosing a Spade

choosing a spade

A spade is probably the most important tool in gardening so its worth getting a good one.

Few tools are more crucial to gardening than a durable, sturdy garden spade. You don’t want to get something that looks OK but breaks in half or bends the first time it is used, or is [read more…]



Unless you have enough money to pay someone to do the gardening I would recommend that you think about buying a wheel barrow.

You will have top soil, compost and plants to move. You might even be moving concrete if you want to build some paths.

Its certainly worth spending a bit of money [read more…]