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Avoid Frustration When You Move Into Your New Home

removal man

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that we do to ourselves.

There is the relentless searching for the right house, and the right block, the waiting, the chasing up and then finally…the move.

There are, however a few things that you can do that might [read more…]

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The Joys of Moving Houses (No Sarcasm Intended)

joy of moving house

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

If someone were to say that there are joys in moving houses, many people would consider the person speaking to be a bit bonkers.

It is a natural reaction because we humans tend to focus on the negative experiences rather than the positive.

The fact is, moving into [read more…]

Moving In – Bad Weather

photo by

photo by:

Have you thought about bad weather when planning your move?

New house sites are not the cleanest and you don’t want to be treading mud and dirt into your new house.

Even just wet boots can make a mess of your brand new carpets.

So here are some things to think [read more…]

Truck Driving Fail

low bridge1

If you are going to do your own removals……. Plan your route carefully, and get plenty of insurance!

You don’t want to end up like this!

This bridge in South Melbourne seems to claim at least one truck a month.

Some are professional drivers like thisone, but a lot are self drive hire [read more…]

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Removals -The Easier Way

A guest post from Stephen Hodges of Easier Move

So it’s moving time to your new house.

This phrase can conjure up images of previous terrible moves that took all weekend, caused arguments about how items should be packed or the dreaded plan of ‘doing it ourselves, cause how hard can it be?

[read more…]

Moving In – Removalist or DIY

removals by Alain Delorme

It’s possible to save a fair bit of money by moving yourself but should you do it?…………….Well I’ve moved myself many times and used removalists several times as well so here are my thoughts:

Volume of Stuff

I reckon my limit on volume for DIY is emptying a house or flat consisting of two [read more…]

Removal Boxes


Some people have enough money when they move to pay for someone to do the removals including packing up all the stuff.  

Most times when I have moved (18 times) I have spent a lot of money on the house and want to save cash for the garden so I have moved myself. [read more…]