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Chinese Lucky, and Unlucky, Numbers

Unlucky Number

I see from the papers that a significant number of properties are bought by Chinese Investors.

Also I have noticed many visits to my web site are referred from Australian based Chinese language website

So for all my fellow Gweilos’ (Ghost men) here is a quick guide to checking if the street number of [read more…]

Post Boxes & Security

post overflowing

Do you think the people at this house are away?

Is this overflowing post box telling a thief that they are unlikely to be disturbed?

It used to be easier when I was young as we knew our neighbours and we could ask someone to check the mailbox.

Otherwise we could get a family member [read more…]

Junk Mail Lover

junk mail lover

How much Junk Mail do you need?


Well judging from this mail box one delivery is nowhere near enough!


It certainly makes a change from the ‘No Junk Mail’ signs!


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by [read more…]

The Castle – Win

Castle Letter box

Not Darryl Kerrigan’s House from the film

It’s a rather splendid letter box in a suburb not that far from Melbourne Airport, the setting for the Film.


For more Unusual House Photos, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?

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Hydrant Letter Box – Fail

hydrant 2


Another one of those houses where I walked up and down the street 2-3 times before I realised the owner had used a hydrant cover as a letter box.


Don’t people want to get any post? . . . . . . .It seems not if you look at the size [read more…]

Letter Box Fail

secret mail box 1

Can you see the mail box?

Do you think the people in this house don’t like to get post?………or do they like to give their postie a challenge?

The only way to deliver a letter is to push the bush aside.

The Your letter box post explains what you should provide.

Have you [read more…]

Street Numbering – Win!


You would think that some houses were owned by secret agents as there are no traces of a street number.

You couldn’t accuse either of the properties featured in this post of being shy about letting people know the house number.

I particularly like the one below with the numbers fabricated out of Corten [read more…]

Letter Boxes – Is Bigger Better?

big letter box 3


One of the big signs to potential burglars that there is no one at home is a letter box stuffed with post and junk mail after its gone dark in the evening.  

In a recent post about letter boxes I talked about minimum sizes. After seeing a couple of larger letter boxes I [read more…]