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Fence Disputes


The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) has revealed the consistent No 1 dispute has been fencing.

In fact fencing counts for around one third of all of their top ten disputes.

In 2013-4 there were fence 6,489 disputes, slightly above the long term average of 6,301.

So how can you minimise the chance of [read more…]

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Tree Hugger’s Fence – Win

tree in fence


Love a tree but need to put up a fence?


The owner of this house has gone a long way to make sure the tree hasn’t been damaged.


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by [read more…]

Protect Your Block From Dumping

Dumping on Block

A regular problem with vacant new house blocks is they are used as a convenient dumping ground for other builders.

It’s much cheaper to dump on a nearby site than haul the material to a tip and pay tip fees.

If you are are really unlucky the material may be contaminated (for example asbestos [read more…]

Front Fence Win

Fence Win


What do you think about this front fence?

Ever seen one like this before?

As well as looking different I think it looks attractive, and does the job of separating the front yard from the street.

For me this is a Win!

What do you think?.

For more [read more…]

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How Adverse Possession Can Affect Buying A Block

Site Measurement

Did you know its still possible to take over ownership of someone else’s private land?

This makes it important to check the Land Title Plan dimensions against the actual site dimensions of your new house block for the following reasons:

If the actual dimensions are bigger it doesn’t mean the seller owns the ‘extra’ [read more…]

Gates for Sloping Driveways


If you have a sloping drive it can be difficult to install a gate.

One option is to install a sliding gate which rolls to one side. These although expensive can work quite well if the whole of the front is level and you have plenty of room between the driveway and the path to [read more…]

Brickwork – 45 Degree Corners

bad brickwork corner

One of the things that really annoys me as I walk around is 45 degree bends in brick fences like this photo.

Bricks are meant to be laid so that they fully interlocked and this is a long way short of that.

I have even seen this type of corner on a house, where [read more…]

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Brick Fences

Cracked brick wall

As I travel around the Melbourne Suburbs I see lots of brick fences……….. A problem with a large proportion is that they have obvious cracks.

If you don’t believe me just walk around your neighborhood and look at a few brick fences yourself!

So why are there problems with brick fences?

The actual cost [read more…]