Fence Disputes


The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) has revealed the consistent No 1 dispute has been fencing.

In fact fencing counts for around one third of all of their top ten disputes.

In 2013-4 there were fence 6,489 disputes, slightly above the long term average of 6,301.

So how can you minimise the chance of [read more…]

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Monitored Burglar Alarms

burglar alarm

I won’t be bothering with a monitored alarm again!

I had one at my previous home. . . . ‘Free Install’ with 3 Year Monitoring Contract. . . . Waste of money in my opinion!


From all accounts most thieves are mainly after a few valuables that can be moved quickly.

By the time [read more…]

What are Green Walls? and Why are they so Spectacular?

Green Wall-Terrascreen

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Green walls, known by a variety of names, including living walls, eco walls, vertical gardens or bio walls, are one of the biggest design trends of our era.

Originally developed in 1938, green walls were then known as “vegetative bearing architectonic structure and systems”. . . . A [read more…]

Tripsafe Cable Covers

tripsafe 2

Have you ever tripped over electrical cable snaking across the floor?

I know I have . . . . more than once!

It’s a common problem if you want to use an electrical device well away from a wall, such as charging a laptop while you are sitting on a lounge chair.

A Solution

Well [read more…]

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Space Saving Solutions for Small Rooms

modular 2

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

There is always a need for more storage space to hide away clothes, linen or household items.

Nowadays there are plenty of clever storage solutions that can be tailor-made to suit your needs and the size of your room, to make the most of any given space.

Even [read more…]

Water Bills

town water tap

I hear a lot of complaints about Water Bills . . . . . but Town Water is one of the ‘Great Bargains’ of our age!

Don’t Believe Me?

Well lets look at the facts.

Typical Water Charges

Well I live in Melbourne’s City West Water area so my water charges are:

Water Service Charge

[read more…]

What Are You Going To Do With Your Backyard?


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

The humble Aussie backyard can be home to so many different recreational activities for the family.

It is the hub for barbecues, parties, social events, birth days, and gatherings of neighbours.

When you think about it, so much can go on in the backyard that it make sense [read more…]

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Effective Ways of Relaxing On The Patio

patio heater

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

If you often spend sleepless nights rehashing the events of the day or worrying about your future, relaxation techniques could assist you get the sleep you require.

Learning to shut the mind to all of the day’s stresses can allow both your mind as well as your body [read more…]