Are You Prepared for a Bushfire?

bushfire 1

It will soon be Summer . . . . and Bushfires will be in the News!

Live close to the Bush? . . . . Are you and your new home ready in case a fire is heading your way?

Its not just making your new house Fire Resistant.

Questions You Need To Answer [read more...]

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Moving In – Bad Weather

photo by

photo by:

Have you thought about bad weather when planning your move?

New house sites are not the cleanest and you don’t want to be treading mud and dirt into your new house.

Even just wet boots can make a mess of your brand new carpets.

So here are some things to think [read more...]

Danger of Under Insuring

In a New House Insurance post I explained how easy it is to under insure a property so here is an explanation of what can happen with an under insured property.

Let’s you insure your new house for what you paid the builder, say $200,000.

Total Loss

In the case of a total loss, yes, [read more...]

Vertical Garden – Fail No 2

Vertical garden fail 2

I was walking along a Melbourne street the other day and saw this sad ‘Feature’ on the front of a building.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to set up this vertical garden. . . . . . its a pity they didn’t do a proper job and install a watering system!

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New House Insurance

Your builder has given you a handover date . . . so you need to organise property insurance to start on that day.

How Much House Insurance Will You Need ?

Well you have only just finished building so isn’t the price you have just paid the right amount?

I think you need to add [read more...]

Becoming Part Of The Community


When you move to a new area you can feel isolated. So how do you make new friends and become part of the community?

Mothers of young children used to find it quite easy with chatting at the school gate. But how much of this goes on now lots of parents drive their children?

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Tree Hugger’s Fence – Win

tree in fence


Love a tree but need to put up a fence?


The owner of this house has gone a long way to make sure the tree hasn’t been damaged.


For more Unusual House Photos, Wins, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?

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Fixings on Plasterboard Walls


When you move into a new house there are lots of things that need to be fixed to walls.

For things like small pictures you can use picture hooks . . . . but what about heaviers things like; mirrors, tool racks, and shelves.

You will find that a lot of DIY manuals recommend screwing [read more...]