Bridal Expo – 4th May 2014

Bridal fair photo

Planning a Wedding Soon?

All the information you need will be at the :

Bridal Expo at Point Cook on 4 May 2014

The Expo will be at the

D’Olive Reception Centre

This great new local facility is located at

454 Point Cook Road Point Cook Vic 3056

Here is a chance to [read more...]

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Front Path – Fail 2

Path Fail Herman

What an imposing facade!

But why is it spoiled by that letter box in the middle of the path? . . . . . Perhaps it’s because the letter box is hiding the water meter!

It’s funny how those water meters always seem to be in the wrong place. We had the same issue [read more...]

The Risk Of Too Much Security

Window Grill

As I visit lots of houses I often wonder if some houses have too much security.

I see lots of houses with roller shutters or even steel gratings over the windows like these.

Quite often when I ring the bell the owner seems to spend ages unlocking the various locks and bolt on the front [read more...]

Ikea Hacking


Like this set of unusual shelves I saw on the Dornob Site?

Well furniture like this doesn’t have to cost a packet!

This unit was built using components from standard Ikea Flat Packs assembled in a different way.

Interested . . . . well there are several sites like Ikea Hackers that have lots [read more...]

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More Than Just A House


I want to have a ‘Conversation’.

You don’t just move into a new house, you will be moving into a Community. So what sort of community do you want to live in?

What are you prepared to do to make your community stronger? Who can help You to make your community better?

Well one [read more...]

Height Above Ground

Height above ground

For the typical modern house with slab on ground base there are two minimum heights above ground level that need to be considered:

Next to the building. Distance of 1m away.

The reason for these minimums is to keep water out of the building, including the structure and foundations.

Next To The House

Floor [read more...]

Liquid Limestone

liquid limestone

You might have heard of Liquid Limestone as an alternative paving material…….But what is it?

Really its just a different type of concrete.

The differences between Concrete and Liquid limestone are:

Instead of standard Portland ‘Grey’ Cement it uses White Cement. It uses crushed limestone rather than other types of rock gravel and sand. [read more...]

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Front Fence Win

Fence Win


What do you think about this front fence?

Ever seen one like this before?

As well as looking different I think it looks attractive, and does the job of separating the front yard from the street.

For me this is a Win!

What do you think?.

For more [read more...]