Bridal Expo – Free Wedding

Bridal fair photo

Getting Married Soon?

Live in Melbourne’s West?

Would you like a Free Wedding?


Visit the Bridal Fair at Point Cook on Sunday 3 May 2015

D’Olive Reception Centre 454 Point Cook Road Point Cook Vic 3056


Here is a chance to meet with over 40 suppliers of [read more…]

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Being A Good Neighbour – Noise


Somethings that can spoil you life in a new home is falling out with the neighbours!

One way to reduce the chance of arguments is to make sure you show consideration to your new neighbours with regard to Noise.

What is Unreasonable Noise?

Everybody is different but here are my thoughts about noise that can [read more…]

When To Change Your Mattress, & How To Look After It


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

Moving into a new house may be the time to think about changing your mattress!

Even if its fairly new mattresses looking after it tends to be forgotten so here are some things to think about.


Choosing the right mattress is important not only because it determines [read more…]

Garage Door Insulation

insulating garage door

Most garages are too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter.

If you want to use the garage as a workshop . . or even a man cave, it will be much more comfortable if its insulated.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the garage also means it makes a better Buffer Zone for the [read more…]

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Light ‘Colour’

When you are buying a light bulb you may have noticed the box says things like “Warm White” or “Daylight White” but what does it mean? . . . . . . and which should you buy?

Colour Temperature

Light colour is measured using the ‘Colour Temperature’ and is quoted in Kelvins (K).

A higher [read more…]

Chinese Lucky, and Unlucky, Numbers

Unlucky Number

I see from the papers that a significant number of properties are bought by Chinese Investors.

Also I have noticed many visits to my web site are referred from Australian based Chinese language website

So for all my fellow Gweilos’ (Ghost men) here is a quick guide to checking if the street number of [read more…]