Renovation and Home Design

Laundries – The Latest Source Of Profit


Over the years I have seen many builders put up many reasons for making houses bigger and more expensive. . . . which means more profit for them.

When they can’t think of another room then its how can they make a room more expensive.

A typical laundry used to be a washing machine, drier [read more…]

Avoiding Splitting Responsibility

I often come across people who want to exclude certain items of the work from a house building contract to save money.

They may want to do the work themselves, use their own tradie (relative or friend) or use a different supplier to install things before or during the build.

Liability for Problems

The main [read more…]

Understanding Builders

“The Builder is ripping me off!” and ‘The Builder is overcharging for upgrades!” are two comments I hear regularly. Some of these cries may be justified, but a lot are because the customer doesn’t understand the Builder.

Why A Builder Is The Same As Other Businesses Profit

The aim of all businesses is to make [read more…]

Changing Builders Standard Plans

Most builders will change their standard designs to some extent. The builder of our current house, Metricon, was fairly flexible. Here are some of the changes that you could talk with the builder about if their standard is close to what you want.

Handing. This means swapping the design around so rooms on the [read more…]

After The Deposit

If you decide that you want a house built by a builder you will normally be given a budget price and asked to pay a deposit.

What happens next? ……..These are the steps that follow in progressing to a full contract:

1. Survey

A survey of your site need to be completed if [read more…]