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Kitchen Costs – Sinks


One of the most expensive rooms in your new house will be the kitchen.

For the purposes of research I spent an hour looking through my local Bunnings.

Just concentrating on stainless steel double drainer sinks I found they stock over 20 different types.

Prices range from $118 right through to $1,553.

That’s 1300% increase.

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Six Thoughts On Basin Choice


Last week was ‘Bathroom Week’ on ‘The Block’ and all the contestants were out shopping for basins with the WOW factor.

Fine for the judges. . . . . but some of these design concepts don’t think about the splashing of soapy water that can mean constant cleaning is needed.

Here are some of [read more…]

The Best Brands for Your Bathroom


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

The bathroom is no longer just another room in your home.

Neither is it a place just to take a shower nor a place to stock your towels.

The modern bathroom is a place of rejuvenation, relaxation and meditation; the ultimate me-only place and a real pampering zone [read more…]

Instantaneous Electric Water Heater

Instantaneous Water Heater

No Gas Supply? . . . . .Well an Instantaneous Electric Water Heater may be an option.

This is our unit which is tucked away in a wardrobe.

The unit provides all our hot water for washing and showers, only heating the water when we need it, and never running out.

The unit is [read more…]

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)

Caleffi PRV

I have previously talked about Noises in Pipes and Dealing with Water Hammer, but neglected to mention PRV’s.

Frequently people think high water pressure to be a good. In fact it can be a big problem. Too much water pressure in a domestic system can:

Result in toilet systems leaking, Put extra stress on plumbing [read more…]

Missed The Bath – Fail

tap fail Herman

But when was this stuffed up?

When the bath was selected When the tapware was selected? When the bath was installed? When the tapware was installed?

It does show how carefully you need to thick about things at Selection/Pre-Start.

Thanks again to Herman Fong for submitting this photo. (If you see something [read more…]

Bathroom Fashion 2

bathrooms 2

There are a lot of expensive bathroom fittings on the home shows and showrooms, but are they really practical?

I saw this wash basin the other day. . . . . .But how do you clean under and behind it?

Perhaps all the people who design these fittings employ cleaners so they don’t care [read more…]

Plumbing Acronyms

There are a lot of acronyms used on plumbing drawings so here are a few definitions:

AG – Agricultural (Drains) B – Basin Bth – Bath BT – Boundary Trap DP – Down Pipe FW – Floor Waste HWS – Hot Water Service IC – Inspection Chamber IS – Inspection Shaft (also IO [read more…]