Would you worry if you saw this guy (from Jim’s Jihad?) mowing the lawn next door?

Unlikely. . . but it does illustrate the fact that neighbours can have a big effect on your enjoyment, or otherwise, of your house.

In fact 20% of us have fallen out with a neighbour in the last [read more…]

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Noise Insulation – Plasterboard Options


There are a few plasterboard options when looking to improve the noise insulation.

These options in increasing order of cost are:

Differing Thickness On Each Face

By using different and thicker plasterboards on each wall face, say 13mm and 16mm, it will change the resonant frequency to disrupt sound transmission

Acoustic Plasterboard [read more…]

Sound Insulation Batts

accoustic batts

Imagine the standard internal stud wall in your new house. A sheet of fairly thin material (plasterboard). An air space retained by timber walls. Another thin sheet of material.

Sounds a bit like a Drum doesn’t it?……………It’s no wonder sound transmits easily from room to room.

If you are having a 2 storey house that [read more…]

Reducing External Noise

Aircraft Noise

It’s not always possible to build in a quiet area so there are a number of techniques for reducing noise that you can use in your new home.

Here is a quick review of the options:

Minimising windows facing the noise. OK as long as the noise source isn’t on the [read more…]