Thermal Mass for Heating

If you read up about energy efficiency you will come across the expression ‘Thermal Mass’ . . . . . . but what is it? . . . . . and how does it work?

Materials with Thermal Mass

The most common materials with Thermal Mass in new houses are; Concrete, Stone, Slate, Tiles and [read more...]

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Ducted Heating

ducted heating vent

Most builder’s standard heating system to homes where mains gas is available is Ducted Gas Central Heating.

This has the following advantages:

Low running costs. Relatively cheap to install. Feels warm fairly quickly. Leaves the walls free for furniture, if you have ceiling vents. If you upgrade the duct size refrigerated cooling can be [read more...]



Condensation, a minor inconvenience, or a major problem?

A little condensation on windows is easily dealt with, . . . . . . but heavy condensation in poorly ventilated corners can lead to mould damaging your walls, ceilings, or even your clothes.

Why does Condensation Occur

Condensation in a building occurs when warm air, [read more...]

Firewood Storage


If you are serious about wood fired heating you are going to have to think about storage.

How Long Do You Need To Store?

Firewood should be seasoned for at least 2 years and dry.

Unseasoned wood doesn’t burn as efficiently as seasoned wood. The difference is noticeable, and some of the problems are:

[read more...]

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Bio-Ethanol Fires


Everywhere I go these days I see Bio-Ethanol Fires….. so are they a good idea for your new home?

Well all the publicity says they are a renewable resource that produces a ‘living flame’. As Ethanol (we used to call it methylated spirits) burns cleanly with no toxic byproducts these heaters can [read more...]


Free Wood

Wood can be the Most Expensive………..or the Cheapest heating available for your new home.

It all depends on your level of commitment.

Most Expensive

Buy firewood at the service station and burn it in an open fire and it could easily cost $20-$30 for a few hours in the evening.


Use a slow combustion [read more...]

Fire Risk


Understandably there is a lot of talk about Bush Fires at this time of the year…….. but did you know that in a typical year there are around 13,000 domestic fires in Australia.

There are also around 80 deaths a year which fire brigades describe as preventable!


The top causes according to the [read more...]

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Gas Plumbing


Most people who have mains gas available will have gas connections for hot water and central heating automatically provided by the builder. But what else do you need to think about?  

Meter Location

You will need the meter somewhere where it can be read from the front of the house but is not [read more...]