Rendered Foam Walls

Foam rendered walls

Rendered Foam walls are becoming much more common, particularly in the upper floor of 2 storey homes. They offer a real advantage in situations where it would be difficult to provide adequate suppport for a heavy brick wall (For example when the upper floor needs to be set back from the ground floor)

If you [read more...]

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Brick ‘Bulldust’

Brick Bulldust

I hear a lot of people agonise over the choice of bricks for their new house.

That’s probably because they are:

Looking Too Closely. At the builders display centre you may be handed individual bricks or see a board with about 8 bricks on it. When you have been in the house a month [read more...]

Where Is The Other House?

Half a semi

I saw this curious looking house one rainy day.

It looks like it’s one house short of a semi-detached pair.

I can only assume the owner saw an example of the house and liked the layout so much they thought they would copy it.

A problem that is not so apparent from the photo [read more...]

Brickwork – Mortar Joints

Mortar Joints

During your Selection or Pre-Start meeting It isn’t just Picking a Brick. You also have to pick a mortar colour and a type of mortar joint.

Mortar Colour

If you have been to a Brick Display Centre check what colour mortar they use in the test wall of the brick you like. This will probably [read more...]

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Choosing Bricks


If you want brick you really need to go and visit one of the brick manufacturers display centres where they have display walls built with the various bricks.

Make sure you look at the bricks in the builders standard range first. If you are happy with a brick from this range you will save [read more...]

Facade Fail


Wood Columns….

Stone Columns…..


Painted Board……

Flat Roof…….

Pitched Tile Roof……

This House looks like it’s in a competition to get as many different materials in the Facade.

It’s a display home……….another attempt to make it look different…………To me it just look a confused mess!


For more Fails, and Unusual houses go [read more...]

Want a Flat Roof ?


When thinking about a flat roof for your new home my advice is….. roof can be:

Flat. Inexpensive. Have a long leak free life.


Sounds harsh but my experience, and others I have talked to confirms this opinion.

The first experience I had with a flat roof was [read more...]

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What’s The Side View Of Your House?


When most people look at a house they look at two things:

The Floor Plan. The Front Elevation. (the Facade)

Sometimes that works fine when all the houses are in a line, and the same size…….but what about when the side of the house is on show?

For example:

Houses on corner blocks. Double [read more...]