Smart Wiring and Wireless


Well ‘Smart Wiring’ is really a generic term that covers anything from control of home automation, to high speed data services. Probably the best descriptions is to talk about ‘Hard Wired’ and ‘Wireless’ components with a well set up new home using both.

A typical modern home can now have multiple laptops, tablets, smart phones, [read more...]

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Post inspired by comments from ‘Johnson‘ on the Homeone forum website.

Light is one of the most important thing in a house.

During the day its nice to get as much natural light into the house as possible while avoiding glare.

When the sun goes down its a different matter. An overall light level for [read more...]

Do You Want A Phone Line?

old phone

A few years ago having a land line phone was a must have have………….. but is this still the case?

We have always had a land line phone but both of us also have mobile phones. Really the mobile is the most reliable way for people to get in contact with us.

About the [read more...]

Electrical Planning – General

electrical planning power sockets

Do some of your power sockets look like this photo?  

Next time you visit a show house have a look at the power point provision……… You could well think most builders you would think that they are still in the 1950′s.  

Typically you get a couple of double sockets in each room. [read more...]

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Electrical Planning – Do you need 3 phase Power?

3 phase power is used for heavy duty electrical appliances. So what is 3 phase power?……………….When power is generated at the power station it comes out as Alternating Current (AC) in three separate phases which are transmitted via individual cables. When power is required the three phases can be combined (3 Phase) or separated(Single Phase). [read more...]

Electrical Planning – Home Theatre

Do you want the full Home Theater Experience? If so perhaps the dedicated Home Theater Room is the thing for you.

The comments in the Livings Rooms Post will cover many of the aspects of the Home Theater but there are some additional points to consider.

Projectors. If you want the biggest screen projectors are [read more...]

Electrical Planning – Living Rooms / Rumpus Room


Living Room, Family Room, Rumpus Room………….some houses have one room for all functions. Bigger houses can have three separate rooms, perhaps even a Parents Retreat!.As far as electrical planning is concerned the issues are really the same.



Typically they are all going to need power for a TV, a sound system, Foxtel [read more...]

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Electrical Planning – Garage

In my current garage I had three double power points installed, which I thought was plenty. After four years in the house I wish I had installed more.

What We Had Installed The corner close to where my beer fridge is, about 1m from the floor level. Behind the shelves where my power tools [read more...]