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Quirky Rome Apartment 2

rome wall

Earlier this week I posted about the quirky apartment we have rented in Rome.

Here are a couple more photographs.

The first shows the wall that separates the entrance hall from the Bathroom / Laundry.

The wall is a translucent material with a blue tinge on the external surface and a white surface on [read more…]

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Worlds Most Unusual Door

Klemens Torggler Door

This picture shows a Klemens Torggler Door

If you think it looks odd just click on the youtube video link below to see it open and close . . . . But be careful, I could watch it for hours!

Youtube Door Video


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The Risk Of Too Much Security

Window Grill

As I visit lots of houses I often wonder if some houses have too much security.

I see lots of houses with roller shutters or even steel gratings over the windows like these.

Quite often when I ring the bell the owner seems to spend ages unlocking the various locks and bolt on the front [read more…]

Internal Doors


Most internal doors these days are of lightweight composite construction. Basically a light timber framework with two hardboard ‘skins’ and a cardboard honeycomb filler.

Not the best thing is you have got teenagers who love slamming doors !

These type of doors are really inexpensive……………..

I recently replaced a damaged door and the door cost [read more…]

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Door Lock Fail

Door Lock Fail

I thought this photo was worth showing on this site to emphasise thinking about door handles!

Its from the Epic Fail website.

Well worth a look if you have time to spare.  

or more Fails and Unusual houses go to What the………………….?


by [read more…]

Garage Doors

Sectional garage door

Originally garages doors were hinged doors, then tilt and lift doors came in. More recently the main choice for garage doors is between roller doors or sectional panels.

Roller Doors

Fairly common as its the most used door in commercial applications.

Has the advantage in that its a fairly compact unit although it [read more…]

Door Opening

Door Opening

One of the small things that can really make a difference to your house is how doors open……..but its one thing that is frequently forgotten.

This sketch shows a typical bedroom and ensuite layout. (I know it doesn’t show the wardrobe but I’m trying to keep it simple)

A couple of things you need [read more…]

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Back Door

back door

Most people spend a lot of time thinking about their front door but forget about the back door.

There seems to be a bit of a convention for back doors, that they usually have a half window and usually only have a single simple lock.

Unfortunatly criminals know that an easy way to break [read more…]