Polished Concrete

polished concrete

So you like the idea of Polished Concrete. . . . but with costs ranging from $55/m2 to $120/m2 there are quite a few things to think about.

Slab Design and Construction

Quality of finish starts with the design and specification of the slab. That includes:

Correct Reinforcement in the right place. Properly designed expansion [read more…]

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DIY Painting, Is It Worth It?


Graphic from www.clker.com

Painting doesn’t seem so hard to do.

Some people say “Why not paint our new house ourselves rather than pay the builder and save money?”

Well I have done plenty of painting of individual rooms over the years but I wouldn’t attempt a new house!

A figure I have heard from [read more…]

Thermal Mass for Heating

If you read up about energy efficiency you will come across the expression ‘Thermal Mass’ . . . . . . but what is it? . . . . . and how does it work?

Materials with Thermal Mass

The most common materials with Thermal Mass in new houses are; Concrete, Stone, Slate, Tiles and [read more…]


stage 4 fixing

A lot of people say Gyprock, but this is really a manufacturers name, so the correct name is Plasterboard.

So plasterboard is plasterboard right?……………………Actually wrong there are quite a wide range of plasterboard options available.

Perhaps you should consider alternative products if you are having a custom house built.

Even if you are [read more…]

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Getting Colour Right

paint colour rainbow

Let face it I am a typical man and colours don’t really interest me. White, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet are plenty for me. I’m even not too sure about Indigo and Violet. What’s wrong with just saying Purple?

Don’t start on talking about colours like Aquamarine and Avocado [read more…]