Energy From Sun.

annual solar exposure

Have you ever wondered why it gets so HOT in the roof space on a sunny day?

Well there is a lot of Energy coming from the Sun . . . .approximately 1.37 kw /m2 shines on the Earth

By the time the solar energy gets through the atmosphere to the ground it’s about 1kw/m2 [read more…]

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Cooling Options – Add On Refrigerated Cooling

Don’t like the builder’s standard Evaporative Cooling System?

A cost effective option I have found to work well is adding a centralised refrigerated unit to the standard ducted heating.

This means both systems share the same controls, fans, ducts and outlets. It will also operate for the same zones.

Some builders will allow this [read more…]

Ceiling Fans


While a ceiling fan does not lower the temperature it will make the room feel cooler by:

The breeze improving the ability of your body to lose heat by perspiration.

It mixes the cooler air near the floor with the warmer air near your face.

The combined effect is that you feel [read more…]

Room Height

Rooms with higher ceilings always seem lighter and more spacious.

They can feel cooler in summer as the heat rises above your head, not so good in winter though!

They are better for fitting ceiling fans, probably the cheapest form of mechanical cooling.

Most builders will normally provide a 2.4m ceiling height as standard. However [read more…]

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Cooling Options – Evaporative Cooling

Most builder’s standard cooling option is evaporative cooling.

This is probably because they are relatively cheap to install. They also fairly cheap on power consumption as you are basically only running a fan.

So whats the down side?

Evaporative systems work best in areas of low humidity so they will be less effective in coastal [read more…]