Renovation and Home Design

Laundries – The Latest Source Of Profit


Over the years I have seen many builders put up many reasons for making houses bigger and more expensive. . . . which means more profit for them.

When they can’t think of another room then its how can they make a room more expensive.

A typical laundry used to be a washing machine, drier [read more…]

Kitchen Costs – Sinks


One of the most expensive rooms in your new house will be the kitchen.

For the purposes of research I spent an hour looking through my local Bunnings.

Just concentrating on stainless steel double drainer sinks I found they stock over 20 different types.

Prices range from $118 right through to $1,553.

That’s 1300% increase.

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Power Tower

I’ve just been for a few days holiday in New Zealand and of course couldn’t resist looking round a new house.

I just had to share this with you as it is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a kitchen for a while

See the kitchen power outlet?

Its that round stainless steel [read more…]

Six Thoughts On Basin Choice


Last week was ‘Bathroom Week’ on ‘The Block’ and all the contestants were out shopping for basins with the WOW factor.

Fine for the judges. . . . . but some of these design concepts don’t think about the splashing of soapy water that can mean constant cleaning is needed.

Here are some of [read more…]

Tacky Facade

Tacky Facade

I have been in England recently . . . and of course couldn’t resist spending some time looking at houses.

This house has just about the tackiest facade I have seen in a long time.

I don’t have a problem with people spending a bit of money on the front of the house. . . [read more…]

Bottled Gas – Cooking

Photo from wickipedia

Photo from wickipedia

Many people building a new house like cooking on gas, but may find that their area doesn’t have a mains supply.

The question then becomes “Should you go for bottled gas, or go all electric?”

Energy Cost

To compare energy costs you first need to understand how much energy there is [read more…]

Strange Wood Heater Location

Harman Oakwood Wood Stove

This photograph shows an attractive antique looking wood heater which I found on . . . but its location looks very odd to me:

As it has been placed in front of varnished timber it has had to be placed well away from the corner meaning it’s taking a lot of space away [read more…]

Fridge Location


You may be out shopping for a new fridge to go in the new house


You may just want to check your existing fridge fits in the alcove in your new kitchen.

Whichever it is . . . . . Don’t forget to leave room around the fridge!


Both refrigerators and [read more…]