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Did you know Australia has around 15 species of termite which can damage the timbers in your new house.

Although some species of timber are resistant to termites none are termite-proof. In practice any structure containing wood can be attacked, unless protective measures are taken.

Even if you have got a steel framed house, or [read more...]

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What Are Brick Articulation Joints?

articulation joint

When you are looking round your new home build you may think ”What’s that gap between the window and the brickwork?” . . . . . . .or even “Why is there a vertical gap between the bricks in the middle of the wall?”

Before you panic it might be worth checking if it is [read more...]

Rendered Foam Walls

Foam rendered walls

Rendered Foam walls are becoming much more common, particularly in the upper floor of 2 storey homes. They offer a real advantage in situations where it would be difficult to provide adequate suppport for a heavy brick wall (For example when the upper floor needs to be set back from the ground floor)

If you [read more...]

Height Above Ground

Height above ground

For the typical modern house with slab on ground base there are two minimum heights above ground level that need to be considered:

Next to the building. Distance of 1m away.

The reason for these minimums is to keep water out of the building, including the structure and foundations.

Next To The House

Floor [read more...]

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Roof Trusses

Gang Nail

Although roof trusses only started being used in Australia in the 1960′s they now have around 80% of the total ‘Pitched Roof’ market.

They are all designed using well proven computer programs and manufactured in factory conditions. (the whole process is high tech and relies on specialised equipment…….site work is limited to erection of the [read more...]

Steel Wall Frames

With a steel frame house a standard wall panel, other than using a different material, is much the same as a Basic Timber Wall Panel.

Once it comes to a panel with openings there are a few differences as the sketch below shows:

Typical differences are:

Diagonal Brace

The diagonal braces are used (instead [read more...]

Openings in Timber Frame

Timber Frame Complex

Openings in a Timber Frame Wall Panel usually mean that the Bracing Straps of the Basic Frame can’t be installed.

The following diagram shows typical panel details.

Bracing Panels

The bracing panels replace the bracing straps to keep the frame square and ensure the panel resists sideways forces. They are a sheet [read more...]

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Basic Timber Frame Panel

Timber Frame Basic

The House Construction-The Frame post explains the background to frame construction.

The drawing below shows a typical standard wall frame

Minimum timber size will be 95mm x 35mm although this may increase for the following reasons:

Additional wall insulation may increase the depth of the frame to 125mm If the [read more...]