Identifying signs of termite infestation.

photo from Wickipaedia

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

photo from Wickipaedia

One of the worst nightmares for homeowners is to find that their home is being attacked by termites.

The thought of termites terrorizing your home is enough to send shivers up your spine.

If you are already aware of the damage termites can do [read more…]

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Roof Access Hatch – 5 Considerations


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

If you are considering building a house with a flat roof or very low pitched roof (2-5 degrees) perhaps you should think about a roof access hatch.

If you are thinking about installing a roof access hatch in your new home, here are some important things [read more…]

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping_Container_Home 1

Ever thought you would like your new house to be made from Shipping Containers?

There are certainly some stunning Shipping Container Homes around.

Both of these photographs are from the Container Home Plans Website.

The site sells a Guide Of How To Build Using Containers.

One thing to be aware of if you [read more…]



What’s that white powdery stuff that can appear on brickwork?

Well the technical name is Efflorecence

It can also appear on concrete!

What Is Efflorescence, & How Is It Caused?

Basically it is caused by water soluble salts contained in either the mortar, or the bricks.

When any water in the wall (that has dissolved [read more…]

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Brick Ties

brick tie

Veneer galvanised brick tie

Brick ties, although small, have an important part to play in the structural strength of your new home.

In brick veneer construction, ties are used to pass all the sideways forces across the cavity (such as from wind) to the frame. For double brick construction the ties share the forces [read more…]

Roof Slope

steep roof

This house has one of the steepest roofs that I have seen around Melbourne.

I certainly think doing any work would be a bit scary, and very expensive.

So what are the considerations when thinking about Roof Slope (or Roof Pitch)

Roofing Material

In general a tile roof needs more of a slope than a [read more…]

Retaining Walls – Besser Blocks

besser block 1

If you want a rendered surface on your retaining wall one of the best ways of achieving this is by using ‘Besser Blocks’.

These are hollow concrete blocks which are designed to incorporate steel reinforcement within the block.

A few issues when building these walls are:

Don’t skimp on the foundation. Even a 600mm [read more…]

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Types of Floor Joists

hy Joist

Build a single storey house on a slab and you don’t need joists . . . . but if you have a suspended floor, or you have a two storey house, your structure will need joists.

When I first started getting interested in houses the standard joist was a solid timber section, something you rarely [read more…]