Mind Your Head

mind your head

I have mentioned several times about not getting a bigger house than you need . . . . . . . . But this could be going a bit too far!

And how do you reach the controls?

I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting on the toilet when the spin cycle started!

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Floor Space Ratio, or Plot Ratio

One way in which NSW councils prevent Over development is by prescribing a ‘Floor Space Ration’ (FSR). The same principle applies in WA but is called ‘Plot Ratio’.

The FSR of buildings on a site is the ratio of ’Gross Floor Area’ to Total Site Area.

Gross Floor Area is defined as – The sum [read more...]

World’s Biggest Houses

House size

New Australian homes are now the worlds biggest.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the size compared with three other countries.

and here are the average home sizes in square metres:















China (Urban [read more...]

Children’s Bedrooms

Some people want children’s bedrooms to be big!

I’m not so sure!

Reasons for Big Bedrooms Room to play, study, have sleepovers and for all their stuff. Room for adult children. Better for resale value.

(Big for me is 9 square m or more.)

Reasons for Small Bedrooms Discourage children from staying in [read more...]

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When you are buying a block one of the issues that controls what you can put on a block is the Setbacks of the main structure.

Setbacks vary from council to council and can also vary between neighbourhoods in a council area.

To give you an idea here are typical Setbacks:

Street Setbacks From the [read more...]

Don’t Over Develop

overdevelopment 2


I’ve heard people say that they have got the best house on the street……………………..but when you see it, its got the smallest garden, or sometimes no garden at all. They have overdeveloped and spent money they will never get back.

This photo shows one example. The house must be around 800-1,000sqm [read more...]

Large or Small

While houses are getting bigger apartments are getting smaller, typically apartments have shrunk by 17% over the last five years in Melbourne.

Getting Smaller

Flat screen televisions can now be mounted on the wall

MP3 Players like I-pods/Smart phones mean your music collection is shrunk to a size smaller than a paperback.

Talking about paperbacks [read more...]

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How Big or Small Does a Home Need To Be?

Tiny House

Our first house was around 6 squares (approx 56m2). Two rooms downstairs and two rooms with a bathroom upstairs, and a single garage in the back garden.

We lived happily in the house for 6 years including after my daughter was born.

Since then we have gone up in size as our family grew [read more...]