Do You Need A Home Theatre?

I keep reading articles about issues with the affordability of Australian houses. . . . . but then find lot’s of you want a ‘Media Room’ in your new houses!

So how much is a basic Home Theatre going to add to the cost of your new house?

Room Size

Room size if you are [read more…]

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Will a Big House Make You Happy?

overdevelopment 2

Inspired by a post on

Why do you, or your spouse, want a big house? What are you trying to buy? . . . . . . Well most people think they are buying happiness.

Does you family really need that much room? How may huge parties and family gathering are you going to [read more…]

Access to Rear


With the narrow blocks that are becoming more common you see a lot of new houses built right to the side boundary on both sides.

In some cases that can’t be avoided, but I think there is a real advantage in buying a block with enough room for a path on at least one [read more…]

Mind Your Head

mind your head

I have mentioned several times about not getting a bigger house than you need . . . . . . . . But this could be going a bit too far!

And how do you reach the controls?

I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting on the toilet when the spin cycle started!

Thanks [read more…]

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Floor Space Ratio, or Plot Ratio

When you are buying a new house block it’s important you understand how much of the block you can build on!

One way in which NSW councils prevent Over development is by prescribing a ‘Floor Space Ration’ (FSR). The same principle applies in WA but is called ‘Plot Ratio’.

The FSR of buildings on a [read more…]

World’s Biggest Houses

House size

New Australian homes are now the worlds biggest.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the size compared with three other countries.

and here are the average home sizes in square metres:















China (Urban [read more…]