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More Storage Space . . . . or Too Much Stuff?

modular storage

Read the House Magazines or watch TV Programs and you will often notice quotes like:

“You can never have too much storage space.”

Well I think that’s BULLDUST!

If you think you need more storage space; then think about getting rid of some STUFF.

Get too much [read more…]

Do You Need A Home Theatre?

I keep reading articles about issues with the affordability of Australian houses. . . . . but then find lot’s of you want a ‘Media Room’ in your new houses!

So how much is a basic Home Theatre going to add to the cost of your new house?

Room Size

Room size if you are [read more…]

Will a Big House Make You Happy?

overdevelopment 2

Inspired by a post on

Why do you, or your spouse, want a big house? What are you trying to buy? . . . . . . Well most people think they are buying happiness.

Does you family really need that much room? How may huge parties and family gathering are you going to [read more…]

Access to Rear


With the narrow blocks that are becoming more common you see a lot of new houses built right to the side boundary on both sides.

In some cases that can’t be avoided, but I think there is a real advantage in buying a block with enough room for a path on at least one [read more…]

Mind Your Head

mind your head

I have mentioned several times about not getting a bigger house than you need . . . . . . . . But this could be going a bit too far!

And how do you reach the controls?

I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting on the toilet when the spin cycle started!

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Floor Space Ratio, or Plot Ratio

When you are buying a new house block it’s important you understand how much of the block you can build on!

One way in which NSW councils prevent Over development is by prescribing a ‘Floor Space Ration’ (FSR). The same principle applies in WA but is called ‘Plot Ratio’.

The FSR of buildings on a [read more…]

World’s Biggest Houses

House size

New Australian homes are now the worlds biggest.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the size compared with three other countries.

and here are the average home sizes in square metres:















China (Urban [read more…]

Children’s Bedrooms

Some people want children’s bedrooms to be big!

I’m not so sure!

Reasons for Big Bedrooms Room to play, study, have sleepovers and for all their stuff. Room for adult children. Better for resale value.

(Big for me is 9 square m or more.)

Reasons for Small Bedrooms Discourage children from staying in [read more…]