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Habitable Rooms

What is a Habitable Room?

You see the phase in several planning and building documents with regard to things like Ceiling Height (see Room Height) and Overlooking.

Well according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

A Habitable Room is ” A room used for normal domestic activities”

Habitable Rooms Include: Living / Lounge / [read more…]

High Ceilings – Unexpected Effects

what happens with tall ceilings

Quite a lot of people go for Higher Rooms because it does give a more impressive interior effect.

Something to bear in mind is that it can effect the external appearance of the house by making the windows look small.

This photo of a house under construction illustrates this. The additional courses of brickwork [read more…]

Wall Dimensions Standard Bricks


When you are deciding about building dimensions its better to take into account the dimensions of the bricks.

Making sure that all lengths, are based on either all complete bricks, or complete bricks with one half brick.

Similarly all heights should be based on complete bricks. Doing this has the following advantages:

Less [read more…]

Ceiling Fans


While a ceiling fan does not lower the temperature it will make the room feel cooler by:

The breeze improving the ability of your body to lose heat by perspiration.

It mixes the cooler air near the floor with the warmer air near your face.

The combined effect is that you feel [read more…]

Room Height

Rooms with higher ceilings always seem lighter and more spacious.

They can feel cooler in summer as the heat rises above your head, not so good in winter though!

They are better for fitting ceiling fans, probably the cheapest form of mechanical cooling. (see this link: Ceiling Fans)

Most builders will normally provide a 2.4m [read more…]