Do You Need A Formal Dining Room?

dining room

Go round most Display Homes and you will see a Formal Dining Room . . . . . but why do you need it?

Photo from

If you look round the options for eating a meal will be:

The ‘Island Bench’ The ‘Breakfast Table’ The ‘Formal Dining Room’ The ‘Al Fresco’ [read more…]

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Is Modern Kitchen Design Making Us Fat

Kitchen snacks

When I was young (about 50 years ago) obesity wasn’t really an issue.

In those days most houses had a small kitchen where a meal was cooked. We either ate in the kitchen or a small dining room. The rest of the time indoors was spent in the living room.

Since then there has been [read more…]

Kitchen Drawer Fail

Kitchen fail

Have you ever wondered why kitchens with all the unit along a wall are so popular with builders?. . . . . and island units?

Why are drawers without a large handle common?

Well it stops mistakes like this happening!

I would have thought most kitchen installers would have made this mistake once, but only [read more…]

Sink or Cook Top on Island

hob-on island

I see a lot of island kitchens in display homes and when visiting friends…… thing that puzzles me is that they all have the sink in the island unit.

In my opinion it’s better to have the cooktop on the island (like the above photo) and the sink under a window, or wall, for [read more…]

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Plumbing – Kitchen and Laundry

Make sure you have thought about all the following plumbing fittings:


There are a wide range of sinks the choice is a lot wider than one basin or two so you need to spend some time looking at various options. Similarly there a wide range of mixers.

Boiled /Chilled Water Service used to be [read more…]

Electrical Planning – Kitchen

I was walking around a ‘Good Guys’ Electrical Store last week looking at the kitchen equipment. In addition to the items we have got there must have been 20 or 30 items we haven’t got…………….For example appliances for making: bread, pies, crepes, yoghurt, popcorn, donuts, hot dogs, etc, etc.

Well here are the Appliances you [read more…]


There are a wide range of different benchtops around………. so which benchtop should you buy. Here are some thoughts about the options.


Probably the most popular benchtop available in a wide range of colours and patterns and reasonably hardwearing. Just don’t get one with a textured finish. We made that mistake once, [read more…]

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Mission Control

Although we have a study in our house most of the organising the household, paying our bills, writing letters and using the laptop happens on the kitchen counter. So do we really need the study?

If I was going to build again I would probably look to organise the kitchen area differently and set up [read more…]