The Risk Of Too Much Security

Window Grill

As I visit lots of houses I often wonder if some houses have too much security.

I see lots of houses with roller shutters or even steel gratings over the windows like these.

Quite often when I ring the bell the owner seems to spend ages unlocking the various locks and bolt on the front [read more...]

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Upstairs Windows



Have you got visions of being able to look out of your upstairs windows like this lady.

Not anymore if you are building a new house. New laws to protect children falling out of windows have come into force.

Since 1 May 2013, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires “protection for openable windows [read more...]

Roller Shutters – Fail

roller shutter 2

Sorry if you like them……….. but I just don’t get roller shutters!

To me they just say someone has got it wrong.

You have a house built with nice big windows and then you install shutters.

Either the orientation is wrong,….or if its a security measure you bought in the wrong neighbourhood!

As [read more...]

Double Glazing or Smaller Windows?

I’ve posted on Double Glazing but that not the only way to save heat loss through windows so I thought I would do a numerical comparison of the various options for glazing treatment of windows.

In a bedroom of our current house the South facing windows (We are in Australia so these windows don’t get [read more...]

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Window Size

Window Sizes

The Building Code of Australia requires you to have at least 10% of the floor area as windows with at least 5% of the floor area being able to be opened.

If you go in many show houses you will see windows that are 40 – 50% of the floor area. They do this [read more...]

West, or East, Facing Windows


Well the first rule is to avoid West, or East, facing windows or at least keep them as small as possible….and here is why:


West windows get direct sunlight from mid-afternoon to late in the evening in summer causing overheating.

East facing windows get sun from sunrise to midday. This [read more...]

Insulation Basics – Double Glazing

Large single glazed windows are one of the biggest reasons for heat loss in a modern house. It is also a major source of heat coming into the house in summer.

So what can you do?……………here is a comparison between single and double glazing.

Single Glazing A single glazed window with an aluminium frame has [read more...]

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Shading Northern Windows

North Shading

In Passive Solar I talked about shading North facing windows.

This does not mean roller shutters or blinds that pull down over the window.

Although they do keep out the sun you lose any views, and they make the rooms very gloomy and depressing With good design they are unnecessary.

The best methods of shading [read more...]