Build A Sustainable House & Save Money

House shapes

When the stricter energy standards came in the big builders all complained that it would make houses more expensive.

Well a recent CSIRO report The Evaluation of the 5-Star Energy Efficiency Standard for Residential Buildings has found it can actually be cheaper to build a sustainable house.

Here are three reasons why a more sustainable [read more...]

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Is Modern Kitchen Design Making Us Fat

Kitchen snacks

When I was young (about 50 years ago) obesity wasn’t really an issue.

In those days most houses had a small kitchen where a meal was cooked. We either ate in the kitchen or a small dining room. The rest of the time indoors was spent in the living room.

Since then there has been [read more...]

Underground Garage

basement garage

Basement, or underground garages are becoming more popular.

Its one way of getting a bigger house on a smaller inner suburban block.

Before you make a decision to go for this solution its worth thinking about the cost, and the risk.


They aren’t a cheap solution for a few reasons:

There is a [read more...]

Children’s Bedrooms

Some people want children’s bedrooms to be big!

I’m not so sure!

Reasons for Big Bedrooms Room to play, study, have sleepovers and for all their stuff. Room for adult children. Better for resale value.

(Big for me is 9 square m or more.)

Reasons for Small Bedrooms Discourage children from staying in [read more...]

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The Best House Shape


When you are looking at builders web sites the main things you can look at besides Facades are Floor Plans………But what is the best shape for the overall house?

Making good use of Winter Sun

If you have a Well Orientated site (Longest dimension runs East West) and you are not Shaded by tall trees [read more...]

Tips for Setting up a Home Office

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When you are drawing up plans for a new house, you may want to think about including a home office. The number of telecommuters and home business owners is on the rise, with the advances in technology that make it easier to conduct business at a distance.

Office workers are drawn to the [read more...]

Can You Build On The Boundary?

I have previously talked about Setbacks but with certain limitations it is possible to build on the boundary.Generally rules about building on a boundary apply to all buildings constructed on or within 150mm of a side boundary.

Typical Rules

Walls of a building including carports can be constructed to the side or rear boundary of [read more...]

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When you are buying a block one of the issues that controls what you can put on a block is the Setbacks of the main structure.

Setbacks vary from council to council and can also vary between neighbourhoods in a council area.

To give you an idea here are typical Setbacks:

Street Setbacks From the [read more...]