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Laundries – The Latest Source Of Profit


Over the years I have seen many builders put up many reasons for making houses bigger and more expensive. . . . which means more profit for them.

When they can’t think of another room then its how can they make a room more expensive.

A typical laundry used to be a washing machine, drier [read more…]

Overflowing Drains

Overflowing drains

Its not unusual to see local flooding around a house, or on streets, during exceptionally heavy rainfall.

If you are unlucky you might even see a manhole ‘Pop It’s Top!’ like this one!

This is because the council drains don’t have the capacity to deal with these really heavy rains!

Why It Happens

The roof [read more…]

Japanese Houses


I have certainly featured quite a few unusual japanese houses in the What The …… section, in the time I have been writing this blog.

This has made me start to wonder why Japan seems to have so many of these unusual houses?

After a bit of research I found there are several reasons, [read more…]

Identifying signs of termite infestation.

photo from Wickipaedia

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

photo from Wickipaedia

One of the worst nightmares for homeowners is to find that their home is being attacked by termites.

The thought of termites terrorizing your home is enough to send shivers up your spine.

If you are already aware of the damage termites can do [read more…]

Bottled Gas – Cooking

Photo from wickipedia

Photo from wickipedia

Many people building a new house like cooking on gas, but may find that their area doesn’t have a mains supply.

The question then becomes “Should you go for bottled gas, or go all electric?”

Energy Cost

To compare energy costs you first need to understand how much energy there is [read more…]

Large or ‘Character’

large living room

Lots of people say they like character . . . . but build houses with these huge open plan living rooms.

Modern Living Room by Perth Design & Construction Firms Cambuild

Some of the display houses I see do look light and airy. . . . but to me have all the character of an [read more…]

Roof Access Hatch – 5 Considerations


Guest post by Hubert Dwight

If you are considering building a house with a flat roof or very low pitched roof (2-5 degrees) perhaps you should think about a roof access hatch.

If you are thinking about installing a roof access hatch in your new home, here are some important things [read more…]

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping_Container_Home 1

Ever thought you would like your new house to be made from Shipping Containers?

There are certainly some stunning Shipping Container Homes around.

Both of these photographs are from the Container Home Plans Website.

The site sells a Guide Of How To Build Using Containers.

One thing to be aware of if you [read more…]