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When Did Your Construction Contract Start?

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If there has been delays in a house building contract the question of compensation comes up (see this link: Liquidated Damages )

A key factor in assessing damages is knowing when the construction contract started; as it isn’t written in the signed contract.

In order to avoid paying out damages many builders will dispute when [read more…]

A New Building Service

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Although I get a lot of visitors to this site, and sell a lot of books, many people do prefer a more personalised help when planning a new home build. . . . . . One business that has been started to fill this gap is ‘Before You Build‘. This company, [read more…]

Protecting the Footpath

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An issue that can result in grief from the Local Council and additional costs to you is damage to the footpath.


The last time I built any damage was covered by the Clause which says “The Builder must indemnify the Owner in respect of, and insure against liability for personal injury, death, property loss [read more…]

Builder’s Christmas Shutdown

Christmas shutdown

Every Year I hear complaints of “Everything has stopped on my House Build for a month”

What can make it worse is when the builder ‘Tries’ to claim an ‘Extension of Time’ for the Build.

What Does The Contract Say?

Well I have looked through the HIA Contract for my last build and here are [read more…]

Paying Contractors


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The advice you always get about paying contractors is “Don’t pay until the works are complete.”

Easy to say. . . . . but most small contractors want payments up front!

Why Contractors Want Up-Front Payment

I have known a lot of small contractors and one recurring problem is getting payments for [read more…]


Control of costs is really important if you don’t want to run over budget on your new home.

One of the key areas in controlling costs is understanding the specification of the house.

One of the traps that many people fall into is paying a deposit based on an initial specification, They are then hit [read more…]

New House Guarantees and Warranties


I’m always a bit suspicious of guarantees and warranties!

In my opinion most Guarantees are really just a piece of paper that explains how the Guarantor will fulfill their legal liabilities. (In some cases they explain a process which is less than fulfilling their liabilities)

Bearing in mind I’m not a lawyer this is how [read more…]

Avoiding Splitting Responsibility

I often come across people who want to exclude certain items of the work from a house building contract to save money.

They may want to do the work themselves, use their own tradie (relative or friend) or use a different supplier to install things before or during the build.

Liability for Problems

The main [read more…]