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Excavation Collapse Waverley

Over the last couple of months there have been a couple of separate News Items which are really connected.

Excavation Collapse Puts House On Edge!

The photo shows a house hanging over the edge of an excavation in a Melbourne suburb.

This in spite of the builders excavation proposals being approved by a Building [read more…]

Temporary Down Pipes

Temporary downspout

A great way to stop the building site from becoming water logged is for the builder to install temporary down pipes as soon as the roof has been covered.

Although this is generally good practice it is really important if you are building on Reactive Clay as it will minimise the occurrence of Soil Heave [read more…]

Builders ‘Security’ Fence

site  fence

These days all the builders provide, at our cost, a 1.8m high ‘Security Fence’ around the site.

When you ask them “Why is it there? “. . . They say “Its for Occupational Health and Safety and/or to prevent theft. ”

If those are the reasons why do less than 1% have a padlock?

[read more…]

Placing Fill

vibrating plate compactor

Of so you want to place some fill. . . .perhaps behind a retaining wall to level a garden . . . So what do you need to understand?

Here are some things to consider.

Final Volume – Loose Volume

Most people underestimate the volume of material they need because they measure the volume they [read more…]

Fixing Stage Inspections

stage 4 fixing

This is the time when all plasterboard lining (or internal cladding) architraves, skirtings, doors, built in shelves, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position.

The waterproofing of all wet areas will also have been completed.

The house will still require painting and things like cabinet [read more…]

Avoiding Splitting Responsibility

I often come across people who want to exclude certain items of the work from a house building contract to save money.

They may want to do the work themselves, use their own tradie (relative or friend) or use a different supplier to install things before or during the build.

Liability for Problems

The main [read more…]

How Many Construction Inspections?

Well I do my own inspections, so for my houses they have been at least once week. . . . . but if you are paying $4-500 an inspection for a professional you might want to consider the options below!

Just remember the fewer professional inspections the more you should take an active interest yourself.

[read more…]

Pre-Plasterboard Inspection


Plasterboard can cover a lot of defects . . . . . . . so if worth checking on things before it goes up.

Typically the timing of this inspection will be after the ‘Lock Up Stage‘ but before the completion of the ‘Fixing Stage‘.

Due to cost lots of people don’t use a [read more…]