Pre-Plasterboard Inspection


Plasterboard can cover a lot of defects . . . . . . . so if worth checking on things before it goes up.

Typically the timing of this inspection will be after the ‘Lock Up Stage‘ but before the completion of the ‘Fixing Stage‘.

Due to cost lots of people don’t use a [read more...]

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Virtual Build?

Virtual Build

I recently saw an advert for ‘MyPlace’ a ‘Virtual Build Information System’ by Burbank.

What Is A Virtual Build Information System?

MyPlace is a virtual construction site which provides a visual aid in the progress of your home’s construction. It lets you check out what’s happening on-site of your new home without having to leave [read more...]

Builders Excuses

Lets face it, building isn’t always easy. Each house has its own problems and the builders have to deal with the weather.

Things do go wrong . . . so the measure of a good builder is how they resolve the problems.

Here are some excuses you shouldn’t have to hear. . . . together [read more...]

Overhanging Brickwork

brick hangover (77x87)

Unfortunately brickwork overhanging the slab like this is more common than it should be. . . . but it’s often not the brickie’s fault.

How it Happens

Normally the problem is that the slab has been constructed smaller than the required dimensions.

This wouldn’t be a problem, but for the fact that most houses [read more...]

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Using Your Own Building Inspector


I frequently hear of people being told by their Builder ”You can’t use your own Building Inspector!”

If your builder says that, he is trying to Con You! ……or Breaking The Law!

Here is an explanation based on my last House Contract (HIA Standard Contract) . . . . . .


The builder [read more...]

Building Certification Inspections

All house builds have to be inspected to check on their compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

These Certification Inspections used to be carried out by the Local Council. Nowadays there is no requirement for a builder to use any particular certifier so many builders choose their own private certifier.

There are a limited [read more...]

Australian Standards

A lot of people people misunderstand how Australian Standards apply to Contracts so here is a quick guide.

Standards Australia

All Australian Standards (AS) are published by Standards Australia. which is a non-government organisation.

It’s role is to meet Australia’s need for relevant standards for quality in goods and services that are also consistent with [read more...]

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Basic Timber Frame Panel

Timber Frame Basic

The House Construction-The Frame post explains the background to frame construction.

The drawing below shows a typical standard wall frame

Minimum timber size will be 95mm x 35mm although this may increase for the following reasons:

Additional wall insulation may increase the depth of the frame to 125mm If the [read more...]