Pre-Plasterboard Inspection


Plasterboard can cover a lot of defects . . . . . . . so if worth checking on things before it goes up.

Typically the timing of this inspection will be after the ‘Lock Up Stage‘ but before the completion of the ‘Fixing Stage‘.

Due to cost lots of people don’t use a [read more...]

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Construction Stages – Background

For readers unfamiliar with the building process I thought I would provide some information on the various construction activities that will be carried out in the full schedule.

This schedule has been generally be based on the typical single storey brick veneer house which I am most familiar with.

As there are a lot of [read more...]

10 Things Needed For An Occupancy Permit

Did you know you can get an Occupancy Permit before your house is finished?….. Useful to know for all those owner builders who want to move in while they finish.

The point of an Occupancy permit is to protect the safety and health of people who occupy and visit the house and to enhance the [read more...]

How Much Should Stage (Progress) Payments Be

When you are building a new house you are required to make regular payment as each STAGE is completed. But how much?

Well builders want to get paid as soon as possible so they will want the early payments to be as big as possible. You as the purchaser need to make sure you aren’t [read more...]

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Construction Stage 1 – Base


Although you don’t actually see much of the work that comprises this stage of the construction it has a significant impact on the completed house.

This work package can be subdivided as follows:

Site Set Up Temporary Fencing. Most councils now require 1.8m high fencing of sites. Power supply. Originally a temporary box on a [read more...]

Construction Stage 2 – Frame


This stage of the building is fairly quick but gives you a chance to get a feel for the finished house.

Framing usually starts a few days after the slab has finished. Sometimes frame erection may start the day after the slab has been laid. Although not ideal the load from the frame is [read more...]

Construction Stage 3 – Lock Up


The house really starts to take on a finished look as the build advances from the Frame Stage to Lock up.

Looks however can be deceptive… in actual fact the building process is really only half completed at Lock Up.

Here are the work items that comprise this stage of the works:

[read more...]

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Construction Stage 4 – Fixing

stage 4 fixing

Fixing follows on from Lock Up.

The fixing stage is moving from a very rough looking interior to something resembling the house you are expecting.

During this stage the following works will be taking place:

Install Insulation This includes both roof and wall insulation Although the wall insulation will be installed before dry walling [read more...]