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Concrete – Importance of Vibration

honeycomb concrete

Have you ever seen concrete that looks like this on a vertical face?

Its called ‘Honey combed’

Sometimes its in large areas like this, sometimes in smaller patches.

This concrete is obviously weaker and more porous than dense concrete.

The odd small hole isn’t a problem but when it gets like this it is [read more…]

Reinforcement In Slabs

Slab on Ground reinforcement

Where should the reinforcement mesh go in slabs?


Understanding The Materials

Concrete – Strong in Compression, but weak in tension.

Steel Reinforcement– Strong in Tension, and strong in compression if the concrete can stop it bowing.

Myth Busting

Lots of concretors will tell you “We put steel the reinforcement close to the bottom of [read more…]

Concrete Cracking – Pattern of Fine Cracks

Mapping Cracks

Some people refer to these as ‘spiderweb’ cracks but the technical name is ‘mapping cracks’.

That’s because they can look like a street map.

Generally they are much more obvious after rain as water seeps doown into the cracks.

These cracks are typically only 2-3mm deep and are as a result of the surface concrete [read more…]

Concrete Curing Membrane

concrete curing spray

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One simple thing to improve the quality of concrete is to use a spray applied curing membrane. . . it’s a pity that this techniques doesn’t seem to be used much in Australian domestic building.

Purpose of Membrane

These membranes main purpose is to prevent the loss of moisture during [read more…]

Concrete Paving – Key Joints

keyjoint 1

I have previously talked about the importance of Well Designed Concrete Paving so here is a product that will help you achieve that.

It’s called the Connelly Key Joint

A galvanised steel strip forms a keyway in the vertical face of the joint which means that reinforcement isn’t needed across the joint in footpath [read more…]

Polished Concrete

polished concrete

So you like the idea of Polished Concrete. . . . but with costs ranging from $55/m2 to $120/m2 there are quite a few things to think about.

Slab Design and Construction

Quality of finish starts with the design and specification of the slab. That includes:

Correct Reinforcement in the right place. Properly designed expansion [read more…]

Concrete – Adding Extra Water

A ‘Dirty Secret’ of the Construction Industry is; adding of extra water to concrete mixes.

The ready mix concrete suppliers carefully design mixes with appropriate water cement ratios, which are loaded onto the delivery truck by computer controlled batching systems. . . . . . . All this effort on getting the mix right goes [read more…]

Liquid Limestone

liquid limestone

You might have heard of Liquid Limestone as an alternative paving material…….But what is it?

Really its just a different type of concrete.

The differences between Concrete and Liquid limestone are:

Instead of standard Portland ‘Grey’ Cement it uses White Cement. It uses crushed limestone rather than other types of rock gravel and sand. [read more…]