About Me

I’m late 50’s

I have lived in Australia for over 20 years. Before that we lived in the UK.

I am a civil engineer who has mainly worked in the Water Industry.

As well as working on housing sites and with architects throughout my career I have had a long interest in domestic architecture.

My experience with houses that I have owned, and lived in, includes:

House No 1

Terraced 2 storey house approx 50 years old.
Rewired,  replumbed, re-modeled kitchen,  re-modeled bathroom.

House No 2

New speculative built end terrace 2 storey house bought while under construction.
I landscaped the garden.

House No 3

Ten year old detached 2 storey house
Remodeled kitchen, rearranged garden, changed heating (hydronic) from solid fuel to gas.

House No 4

The first Australian house. A self designed, single storey,  passive solar custom built house.

House No 5

A single storey project home with amended design, and orientated, for Passive Solar performance.


I have lived in several rented houses and flats, and owned both a house and a flat as investment properties.