FAQ – About this Blog


Why did you start the blog?

I was between jobs and looking for something to do so I thought I would give it a go?

Why about new houses?

I’ve always been interested in architecture and the houses people live in. Not the huge houses but the houses ordinary people like me and you live in.

When was the blog started?

November 2010

How many people look at your blog?

Currently around 230 visits a day with an average of 2.5 pages viewed per visit. Over 20,000 pages viewed a month. (Nov 2013)

How many posts are there?

In Nov 2013 there were 400 posts. There are 3 posts a week so the the total increases by around 14 a month.

Do you make a living from the blog?

No, its really a hobby.

The Google Adds help pay for the running costs. I also sell 50-60 anewhouse Guides a month, and with the occasional advert, I do make a small profit.

However based on the time put in I probably only make $2-3/hour, so I still have a real job.

How come the E Books are only $4

A few reasons are:

    • When researching the price I found that typically authors get paid around 10-15% of the cover price of a paper book. After all the costs of running this website I get around $3 profit per book so I think that’s equivalent to a hard copy costing around $25-30.
    • I would rather sell more books at a cheaper price.
    • I think people may come across my site at different times during their new house adventure. By providing smaller books for different stages they only have to buy the book that interests them.

Have you had many problems?

Well the first problem was convincing myself it was worth starting. To make sure I wrote 50 draft posts before I started.

Other problems are that I got hacked twice which set me back a fair bit. (Sorry if you got sent by an out of date link on a previous attempt to get to the site) I’m much more security conscious now.

Why do you have What The….? posts

Well I see a lot of strange things on houses as I travel around, and look through web pages, so I like to share.

House building should be fun so I like to give visitors something to smile about.