Understanding Builders

“The Builder is ripping me off!” and ‘The Builder is overcharging for upgrades!” are two comments I hear regularly. Some of these cries may be justified, but a lot are because the customer doesn’t understand the Builder.

Why A Builder Is The Same As Other Businesses Profit

The aim of all businesses is to make [read more…]

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Front Path Fail

Front Path Fail

Looks a bit like a Rustic Type Path . . . . So why do I think this is a Fail?

Well even though I was careful, and wearing safety work boots, I nearly rolled my ankle!

Just imagine a woman trying to walk up the path wearing high heeled shoes!

These are the [read more…]

Ducted Heating

ducted heating vent

Most builder’s standard heating system to homes where mains gas is available is Ducted Gas Central Heating.

This has the following advantages:

Low running costs. Relatively cheap to install. Feels warm fairly quickly. Leaves the walls free for furniture, if you have ceiling vents. If you upgrade the duct size refrigerated cooling can be [read more…]

World’s Biggest Houses

House size

New Australian homes are now the worlds biggest.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the size compared with three other countries.

and here are the average home sizes in square metres:















China (Urban [read more…]

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Garden Photo – Fail

ugly house photos(dog)

One of the rules of getting your house Ready for Sale is to remove your pets, and hide their baskets food bowls etc.

If you don’t you might find your house advertised on the internet with a photo of your dog ‘leaving a deposit’ like this!

Its amazing how people miss these [read more…]

Steel Wall Frames

With a steel frame house a standard wall panel, other than using a different material, is much the same as a Basic Timber Wall Panel.

Once it comes to a panel with openings there are a few differences as the sketch below shows:

Typical differences are:

Diagonal Brace

The diagonal braces are used (instead [read more…]

Upstairs Windows



Have you got visions of being able to look out of your upstairs windows like this lady.

Not anymore if you are building a new house. New laws to protect children falling out of windows have come into force.

Since 1 May 2013, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires “protection for openable windows [read more…]

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Truck Driving Fail

low bridge1

If you are going to do your own removals……. Plan your route carefully, and get plenty of insurance!

You don’t want to end up like this!

This bridge in South Melbourne seems to claim at least one truck a month.

Some are professional drivers like thisone, but a lot are self drive hire [read more…]