Tin Shed

tin shed1

How about this new house?


Can’t see it? . . . . . Well here is another view.

Yes it really is covered in very 2nd hand tin!


The house was designed by the architects Raffaello Rosselli



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Retaining Walls – Gabbions


Gabbions are big wire baskets filled with rocks.

The baskets are typically available for retaining wall use in 1m x 1m x 2m units. and you arrange the rock fill yourself.

Gabbion walls can be described as a Permeable, Steel Reinforced, Low Skill, Dry Stone Wall.

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Love the Display Home


When you visit a Builders Display home you will probably be given a price list which quotes the Basic Price for the house you are looking at.

Don’t be fooled!……… The feature you see in the Display Home will add much more to the cost.

The following table provides examples [read more…]

LV Garbage Bin

Louis Vuitton Garbage Bin

Are you the sort of person who goes for ‘Designer’ Bags?

Well perhaps its time to get out the spray can and make yourself a Louis Vuitton Wheelie Bin like this one!

I saw this on a website called Little Monsters


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Condensation, a minor inconvenience, or a major problem?

A little condensation on windows is easily dealt with, . . . . . . but heavy condensation in poorly ventilated corners can lead to mould damaging your walls, ceilings, or even your clothes.

Why does Condensation Occur

Condensation in a building occurs when warm air, [read more…]

Openings in Timber Frame

Timber Frame Complex

Openings in a Timber Frame Wall Panel usually mean that the Bracing Straps of the Basic Frame can’t be installed.

The following diagram shows typical panel details.

Bracing Panels

The bracing panels replace the bracing straps to keep the frame square and ensure the panel resists sideways forces. They are a sheet [read more…]