Why You Should Consider Sustainability

sustainable house

There is a lot of rubbish talked by big builders about sustainability costing you more!

In my opinion considering sustainable design for your new home will save you money as well as the environment. Here are three reasons why:


A key sustainability principle is to minimise the use of resources. Getting [read more…]

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Concrete Pavement Thickness

Concrete Thickness

The concrete pavement comprises the actual slab and its foundation known as the ‘Subgrade’


A lot of concreters will say a concrete slabs don’t need any foundations……That’s Bulldust!

The area around your new home is likely to have had service trenches dug across it and be churned up by construction activity which is [read more…]

Shark House

shark house

No this isn’t photoshopped……..It’s actually a scuplture of a shark crashing through the roof of this 150 year old house in a suburb of Oxford.

To find out more click on this link Headington Shark


For more fails and unusual houses go to What the………………….?


by [read more…]

Small Strata Developments

Small Strata

A small strata development is a way of retaining an existing house and providing a rear Block. It is an alternative to a Battle Axe Block. This plan shows a typical Small Strata Development.

With this type of development there are 3 Titles as follows:

A block title, of reduced size for the original house [read more…]

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Buying a Block

buying block-cover

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Firewood Storage


If you are serious about wood fired heating you are going to have to think about storage.

How Long Do You Need To Store?

Firewood should be seasoned for at least 2 years and dry.

Unseasoned wood doesn’t burn as efficiently as seasoned wood. The difference is noticeable, and some of the problems are:

[read more…]